May 2011


The First I was still in Louisville, Ky and this particular day I was there for the Kentucky Derby. This was the 2nd year I
have attended the Derby as last year was my first, and well just like last year it was nothing but a nonstop party fest. I
bet on the horse The Devil May Care I believe horse number 10 but of course the damn thing didnt win it didnt even show.
This year the weather was a lil bit worst than the year before with it raining pretty much all race long. The partying
didnt stop there, we ended up going back downtown where all my boys work for more action and to catch the boxing match
Mayweather vs Mosely.  I became good friends with some dude in the NFL the night prior so we got in the this bar bowling
alley set up kinda like Lucky Strike (if you happen to know what that is) where they were charging 40 a person but good
thing for nfl players we manage to skip the line an head right in with no money and absolutely no problems. And just like
me and my friends bowling they destroyed the place and had a great time knowin these guys are rich an still not givin a
fuck an acting like a kid. I ended up staying in Louisville till the 5th and caught up on some work and did some tattooing.
On the 5th I made it down to Grand Cayman Islands I had no expectations of this place I just wanted to go cause on the
island they had a town called Hell so I was on my way to Hell and to my surprise the island was amazing.  I met up with
some dudes from england an scotland who live down there the first night.  So got to party it up with them a couple of
nights.  My first day there I went on a JetSki tour that had its first stop at StarFish Island. Just crystal clear water
with large starfish layin everywhere. Next stop on the skis was Stingray city.  This was amazing as soon as you got off of
the ski stingrays swarmed you cause they think you have food and luckily for them I did the guide had squid that he
actually would hold the ray an we would go under the water to feed it.  We also got to hold the ray ourselves and when you
tickled the back of his fins near his tail he would actually use his front part of the fin kinda like a sensor an it made
it look like it was kissin you. These things were super amazing an soft. Next stop we stop in another location to go
snorkeling and our last stop we pulled up to a bar located on part of the island and had some drinks and relax.  I did
make it to hell as well it gets its name after the black limestone formations there. Got lucky to get on a party boat one
night (which only local boaters are allowed to be on the water so to see the sunset was a chance many dont get but anyways
we headed back to stingray island which was crazy drinkin in the water an not knowin where these things were at all while
in the water so every once in awhile they bump into you.  Another day one of the guys I met from scotland was actually a
scuba dive instructor so to my benefit he was willing to take me diving without being licensed. It was absolutely amazing
I was kinda nervous about it myself since Im not much of a swimmer but Im glad I did. We dived a ship wreck off of the
town of georgetown which was pretty amazing cause not only where they 5ft Tarpan fish swimming and arm reach away from you
you got to swim in an out of this boat wreck.  My last day on the island I took a flight over to another island called
Barac. It was a very laid back island that only had 2 major roads on it that went from one side of the island to the other
and you actually had to turn around. There was not really much there to talk about it was more less just beautiful an
untouched but there were a bunch of caves that were all called something different that people sleep in during  the
hurricane season and one of them actually had a grave in it from a little girl who died there years ago during an
hurricane cause she got amonia.  After the caymans I headed back to my parents in York, Pa till the 21st for a week of
tattooing and yeah thats about it. Just tattooed didnt leave the house one bit while I was there.  After a crazy week of
busting my asstattooing in PA I headed back home to Cali.  My boy Rocky, Nick, and rockys girlfriend picked me up at the
airport an we headed straight down to San Diego to see As I Lay Dying play. Another amazing ass show by these guys in
there hometown. Afterwards Nick and I made it out in town while Rocky n his girl went back to the hotel cause they were lame.
The rest of the week I did tattooing an the following week got into some trouble with my boy Johnny when he got a Dui but
we were both safe so thats all that matters. Its just a shitty thing to go through but were both alive so fuck it. That
weekend tattooed an partied with the boys and a super cool chick Kaitlyn who is from my hometown of York and actually have
known for awhile and she actually just made the move to LA after hearing about her talking about it forever it seems so
she came up an hung out while I introduced her to all my boys and got some partying in with us as well.  I ended up stayin
in cali till the 31st Where I found myself heading back to the airport and back to Sin City.