Started the month still enjoying Singapore for a few more days. I just pretty much just enjoyed my last days there.
On the 2nd I did get back into town and go up on top of the Sands Hotel. To get a chance to look at one of the most breath
taking views I have ever seen. They have this incredible 80m long endless swimming pool. Which over look the citys night
skyline. I will definately like an probably will make it back to this place it was just to amazing. But on Oct 3rd it was
my time to leave and carry on westward to Australia. I landed in sydney for the night but cause I stayed up on the plane
ride over watchin movies once I got into my hotel i ended up passing right out. It was a holiday so alot of things were
closed anyways so I didnt really miss much. The next morning I got back in the airport an headed down to Melbourne to where
one of my best friends MIKE lives. He is from cali an moved out there back in july an plans on makin a year out of bein
down there doing 4 months in the 4 major cities. As soon as we got in we picked up the rental car for the next 2 days we
had ahead of us. But as soon as we got the car we dropped it off at his house and hopped on the train downtown to the
Melbourne Old Gaol. We toured around this old prison as prisoners. It was pretty cool everyone got a wrap sheat of the
crimes they committed an we got to see the prison. That night we just did some drinking an headin back home early. On the
6th we started our journey in the rental car down the great ocean road. Stopping along the ways to see waterfalls pandas
cockatoos an all the other wildlife an scenaries the great outback had to offer. We ended the night with some steak and
in a hotel bed drinkin whiskey. Next morning we woke up an went an took a loot at the 12 apostles, which i might add only
had like 4 left. An then started our way back up the great ocean road to melbourne. Again we stopped along the way to see
many of sites and veered off course to check out the tree top walk. We walked along this rainforest I dont know how many
feet we were up but it was a bridge up in the treet tops of the forest where u could look down at all of the animals. Once
we got back into melbourne that night we pretty much just relaxed from the long drive. On the 8th mikee an I headed to the
tallest buildin in the southern hemisphere to have some beers an over look the city. That night we all got out an had some
beers at a club. The next morning I headed back to Sydney for a few days. I took a trip up to the 3 sisters which was again
rock formations kinda like the 12 apostles had a cable ride throught the mtns an rode the steapest train in the world.  On
our way out of the blue mtns we took a stop at Wildlife Park. Its pretty much like a zoo but nothing is really caged in and
instead of it having all sorts of animals from around the world it only provides you with animals that you will find in
Austrailia itself which to me was pretty cool.  The following night I went out on a ghost walk which like usual since i
dont believe in ghost of course nothing happened. Then again the following day I went back up to the blue mtns but this
time to Jenolan Caves. Again spelunking is pretty damn cool to see what the underworld has to offer is aboslutely amazing
to see. On the 13th I was sitting back in the airport this time waitin to head back near singapor Beijing China. Again the
only reason I made this stop in china was because it was a layover to my flight back to LA.  But unfortunately for me my
dumb ass didnt know I needed a visa to visit china. So cause of that I was not actually able to stay an enjoy china. So on
the 14th I landed in china. I was able to leave the airport so I left checked into a hotel cause my flight back to cali
was not till 8pm the next night. So woke up early in china an got a ride up to the great wall took some pictures of the
amazing landscape an of course of the wall. Headed back to the airport to get ready for my next flight finally back home to
Los Angeles, California.  Landed In LA to my boy pickin me up we partied the next 3 nights away like crazy. The rest of the
week I tried to get back on my game. I wasent working for over a month so I took it kinda easy by doing one or two a day.
On the 22nd I was sittin back in the airport heading back to my parents house in PA to see my family since I have been away
for the last 4 months. The rest of that week just included what it always does when im in the northeast doin nothin but
tattooin everyday. On the 28th I headed down to New Orleans to meet up with mr bob tyrell and to do the Voddoo Tattoo Expo.
I landed early settled into the conventions hotel. An actually had to tattoo. Met up with bob for a few drinks called it a
night. Fri Sat n Sun I was busy non stop tattooin. Fri n Sat partied it up with my Justin which had us out all sorts of
late in the morning. Sun after my appointment which I absolutely loved doin me an bob met back up an head to this haunted
house called the HOUSE OF SHOCK to see this band Crowbar. Went through the haunted house which was extremely aggressive.
They grab pushed an even saw them grab a girl up by her throat. It was pretty crazy apparently this place has been
threaten plenty of times to b closed down but with a packed house the night I was there dont think that is goin to happen
anytime soon. After crowbar played we headed downtown bourbon street to party it up at the dungeon an of course like usual
we didnt get out there till 7am where me bob an couple of others just partied it up in my hotel room till who knows when.
The next morning of NOV 1st or should i say 3pm on nov 1st I got woke up to my boy justin an we continued the party on. WE
grab some food an drinks at outback steakhouse an hit up two dive bars near my hotel till around midnight since I had
another early flight ahead.