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So to catch you up on the past two weeks in the states.  I have dealt day in and day out with the shipping companies.  So the company I worked with was based in Long Beach they deliver my cargo to Singapore.  When it arrived in Singapore it switched companies and was deliver to a company in Cambodia.  I got tiring of the same old bullshit with the company in Cambodia asking me for things that should of been taken care of the first day.  I got approval letter for the bike March 1st then March 3rd I received a email at 5am east coast time so 5pm in cambodia that said customs decided to deny entry of your motorcycle. So I went to the bigger bully the Singapore company to get on the cambodia agents ass about this.  Well for the last 2 weeks literally the shipping company has been asking for the hotel I stayed at for signatures and the hotels tax numbers.  The hotel refused to supply them which obviously I had no idea why they wouldnt but at the same time why the fuck does the shipping company need any info from my damn hotel when its my motorcycle.  So March 6 I spoke with the singapore agent on the phone come to find out the agent I worked with in LongBeach put the god damn hotel down as the person who was to sign for the motorcycle.  So all this time I was so frustrated with the shipping company in Cambodia but it was her fucking fault the whole time.  Well now comes March 9th the day I am to fly back to Cambodia.  I been debating on what to do cause I have a trip already booked to Mexico June 1st so now my trip is going to be rushed.  I spoked with willis the night before and he was pretty much over it and says we should just ship the bikes back to the states and re group.  Well 8am March 9th I got a email said the bikes are cleared and that we can pick them up at 10am Mach 11th which is the day and time we actually land back into the country. March 11th I am now in direct contact with the the shipping company in Cambodia and the agent in Sinapore. To make this simple I land in Taipei Taiwan the shipping company said my bike will arive at the latest at 130pm but cost me a few dollars.  I now become back and forth with the agent in singapore and say is this right.  Well I arrive at noon on March 11th where Kim my Tuk Tuk driver friend is waiting with Willis. The Cambodia agent is also there to pick me up and show me to the location. 

We go down a side road and arrive not to a warehouse but to a side street where there is a box truck about 3ft high with the bikes still in the box in.  Now these bikes in the box weigh 860 pds 428kilo.  Theres no fucking way were getting the bikes out of this truck.  Needless to say I am contacting the singapore agent and letting him know how messed up this is.  He sides with me and literally ask the agents in Cambodia to take half off the price they have been asking.  As I dont speak a word with the cambodia agent yet they agree to paying half and are requesting a crane truck to come to get the bikes out of the truck.  The truck comes the bikes eventually arrive on planet earth once again and all sorts of emotions run over my body.  I literally have felt completely defeated with this trip but I never gave up daily I have been messaging back an forth multiple times aday to try an get this shit handle and or question what has been done.  I guess I might have some inner demons about being a failure not sure why for any real reason.  I mainly think it was cause of so many friends have failed me in my younger years I never want to end up like them.. So I will do everythin in my power not to fail and possibly leave others down. So of course life has had it it always ends up workin

g out.  So anyways back to the real story at hand we get the bikes all unpacked and thankfully there is a bike wash stand right next door.  So as one bike is getting its front wheel and everything put back on the bike the other was getting cleaned and within a few hours I was finally riding beamer bernard down the streets of cambodia with one of my best friends willis beside me.   We get to the hotel and I give Kim a surprise.  So when I was here last my smart phone camera broke so i was bitching about how much a piece of shit it is and kim said your phones a piece of shit mines a piece of shit (as in i should not bitch). So i felt like a huge dick head about making such a pathetic superficial comment like that.  So since I got back home I had a few old phones laying around but they were 5-6yrs old.  I asked my mom about if they had any old ones and thankfully mom did that was only 3-4yrs old.  I told her my intentions why I wanted such a older phone so she gave it to me.  Well I handed that phone to kim in a box and everything.  Kim was completely shocked and did not believe it was real he literally g

Kim and his new phone

ot all glassy eyed.  I gave him a hug and said lets go make it work but first off can we go back to the place where we ate the small birds cause the steak there was unreal.

So we grab dinner and started on celebrating the fact our bikes were released.  After a few games of pool and then hitting up several bars. Willis and I called it semi early (before sunrise) think it was 4 becasue we had to pack the bikes tomorrow.  We got up at like 12 grab lunch with Kim and went straight to down to get willis bike ready.  After an all day experience getting the bikes ready we called it a night at sunset (6pm) and decided to take a dip in the pool to cool off. We chilled by the pool for mutiple hour

The View of our pool

drinking and just chatting it all up with kim on our intentions of the trip.  We stop around 11-12 i believe and kim went home and we called it another early night so we can finish up the bikes and get on the road in the morning.. March 13th Willis woke up at 5am to get the shit he was missing out on from the night before after some re adjusting all the worthless shit he bought lol we were finally on the road think around 1pm.  We had a good ride out of the city and onto some open roads.  We were about a hour from siem reap and decided to take a stop at this nice big gas station and grab some water and ice cream.  Well after putting all that down into the tummy we hop back onto the bikes and plan was to get to siem reap.. I went out first and turned around to see no willis only to catch a glimpse of what looked like he just wrecked in the damn parking lot

of the gas station.  Sure enough i hear the UMPHF in the headset and I turn around to come back and see his bike on the ground with him standing up and others helping him to pick the bike up.  So im completely lost on what the hell happend and have to ask… WILLIS story is pretty funny ” i rode through the puddle and then all of a sudden rear wheel slipped and i over corrected and next thing i was going down”  well you can make the judgement for youself but i dont believe it was that simple haha.  Needless to say he was okay so I had to freaking laugh at what he just told me but that ended suddenly when some fucking how the button to turn the bike off and on is not there and on top of it the wires inside are fucking ripped.So there

My buttons are on the left and what the bike should look like.. Willis set up after the crash on the right

is no way to start his bike.  We youtube and question google hoping to find a blog or something on maybe a override option.  With no luck what so ever my thought was its 4 pm in cambodia thats (4am east coast time) so there is no bmw dealership is open in the states and we need someone to talk english to.  Australia is closed cause its 10 pm there lets call england.  So after a few minutes on the phone the guy suggested could just cut the cable and try to hot wire the wires together.  After 3hrs of fucking around with all this we manage to get the bike started with out any issues and finally we are about to go back on the road.  We get to Siem Reap at like 8 at night.  We grab some drinks upstairs bar and make it a early night around 1130.

The Orphanage with no toys not even grass to play on. Yet both times there have nothing been but smiles out of all

March 14 I suggest we go to to the floating village mainly cause i think its sad but also cause I was to help out the orphanage there.  I did this like 4yrs ago when i first visited the village.  Well 4yrs late prices go up but needless to say we still bought the orphanage food enough to last them for a month.  So felt good to give back so we visited a few other floating houses before heading back to land and back to our hostel.  On our back to the hostel I suggested we go to a live Khmer Dance willis agreed but after a large beer and a full stomach his eyes sure didnt look very interested.  I watch the show as willis slept but the show ended at 9 so we went right to pub street to really drink.

the infamous Pub Street in Siem Reap

Had a long night out that we really did not go crazy with but something would hate me the next day.March 15th I told willis of course we have to Angkor wat temple and the other big 2 and the night before we met a new friend Sherung from India who now lives in Dubai who agreed to come with.  So up at it at 9am we all meet at the hostel pool and to the temples we go.  Well I felt fine but at 94 degrees and 97% humidity something was not agreeing so after a walk into Angkor we grab a few photos I decided to grab a coconut to drink the water to get some hydration.  Yeah that didnt exactly do the cut I walk away feeling the same so I do what I always do when I feel like shit and thats throw my fingers down my throat to puke.  I covered this pour little try with a good 3 or 4 mouth full of vomit the ground of a 1000yr old buddhist temple that is considered a 7 wonder of the world.

The 7 WONDER OF THE WORLD – Angkor Wat

Some bad JuJu is bound to happen for that I feel like but the rest of the day was not all no that bad.  We hit up all three had some fun was not able to drink a beer but got to see the same temples over again and see two guys who see them for the first time just amazed.  The day ended and afterwards we re arrange and packed the bikes all back up.  During this time I met a swiss guy who has been traveling by himself around europe and asia on a bike.   We talked it up for awhile and was mentioning he has been on the road for a year now and his mom and her boyfriend have been on he road for a year as well in central and south america.  Was really inspired by this guy it was amazing to here some of his stories that related to my first trip south on how much unprepared you are and how many times you mess up. Great guy and I wish him the very best for him and his family on there motorcycle journeys.  So anyways the hostel roof top bar was booming so figure a few beers is okay.  Thankfully so it was only a few cause that night the hostel does a pub crawl at midnight so its stops at 1130.  we say bye to sherung even though I hope to meet him in mumbai where he is from months later down the road.  We got up way earlier than we thought we would after such a hot sweaty early day before but we were up at 8am so we got on the road by 10.  It said it was only 150 miles to the the Loas border well my gps has not exactly been acting correct cause it took us atleast a good hour or so past where we were supposed to turn and then choose not to work from there so Willis and I just headed north east and sure enough finally got back on the right road.

Bert is BACKKKK.. with his appearance on the Mekong River

Willis and I were able to cross the Mekong River on two absolutely impressive bridges where we had to stop and take some photos. and after 6hrs we arrived at the Laos Border.  We enter into the Cambodia immigration first thought cause we have to export our motorcycle.  Here comes another shit stormed back by the piece of shit shipping company in Cambodia.  The documents that the company gave me was two sets of copies no originals.  Now were dealing with the customs agent for the first time and he said this is not good enough we need originals.  I make several phone calls to the shipping company they obviously cant do nothing and then hand the phone to the customs agent and he actually hangs up on him.  Says he messed up sorry cant help you you need to go back to phnom penh which is 200 miles away.  I ask is there nothing we can do he said no nothing you leave.  We sit outside for about a hour thinking of anything any option possible to not drive back to phnom penh as i am contacting the singapore agent to help me and arguing with the cambodian agent.  I would say about a hour later the customs agent walks by us yet again Willis mentions can we please give you money 100$ he seem to kind of tell us to shut up but I believe gestures us to follow.  Once we get back into his office h

e calls a friend who speaks very good english.  I talk with him on the phone and he tells me what you have is not legal it could be  false document.  He needs original but he understands it is not your fault since you did not import the motorcycle into the country yourself and he does not want to cause you more trouble with driving back to phnom penh.  He then ask how much money I have I said 80$ and a bunch of cambodian money. He said you will need 40$ for laos so give him 40$.  I thank the guy repeatedly in both english and khmer over and over again for this gave the agent my 40$ and every dollar I had left in Khmer money thank him over and over again as well.  Willis and I walked out of there releaved we got our passport stamps out of the country and we moved on another 100m to the Laos border.  We paid 37 for our vis that took about 10 mins handed over just our motorcycle title and passport to the customs agent for our

Holy shit we finally made it out of Cambodia

motorcycle a extra 5$ was need we got money exchange there at the window as well and with in 30 minutes we were finally on our way into Laos.  Which is now country number 88 for me.  Finally out of cambodia was a instant relief we had so much hardships there I could not wait to finally be away.  Dont get me wrong everyone we met in cambodia was amazing to us just the shipping company was a complete nightmare to deal with.  Our day ended after a 2hr drive up the city of Paske Laos where we just pulled over cause I ran a red light an willis stayed back stuck behind two cars.  As I sat there waiting for him there was a hotel right there so we checked on price it was 9$ each and had ac.  We checked in walked across a street to grab some food.  We could not communicate with the lady at all she pulled out two meats out of a metal box one was clearly  chicken the other was just a lump of meat but she made thenoise mooo.   Mind you its 88 degrees probably 90% humidity now which is 8pm at night so this meat is been in this box probably sweating I care none at all but its funny to think of how processed our food is in the states and they still freeze it for months on end.  So I went with moo (beef) willis went with chicken.  We grab two large of our first Beer Lao and a large water.  The food was literally amazing through in some insane hot pepper shit both came with blood clots which was so flavorful I literally sucked mine all down Willis avoided the blood even though he did try

it and of course the infamous bones they like to add when eating chicken.  Total was 1.75$ that was the beer the soup and the water.  So we been in the country for a few hours gout our visa got our bikes imported ate some amazing soup drank a large beer got a hotel for less than 45$.  Think this country is going to be a fun place to relax at for the next ten days.


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