Few days in Hungary and onwards to Poland

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DAY 11 June 27th I have been semi dreading since everything I have been reading is telling I will not be able to enter the country of Hungary.  I actually only the use embassy in Hungary told me I could not enter.  On Hungary website it just does not say anything about use citizen just explains how European Union countries were allowed to enter.  I got on the road early because there is 5 border crossings from Croatia into Hungary.  I actually didn’t start in the most south eastern border  or the one above that.  I started at the middle border crossing.  I roll up and there is no one crossing what so ever.  I get stamped out of Croatia and head over a river into Hungary.  I thought I maybe able to bribe the border if anything but when I go to the booth there was literally 4 officers in the booth all just shooting the shit.  So I knew that was not going to work I would just have to sit here and wait to see what happens.  After about 20 minutes or so they tell me sorry no USA citizen are allowed to enter. They then turn me around I get stamped back into Croatia and head to the next border.  About a hour later I arrive this border looked completely closed so I was confused drove through this gate and then I realize the Croatia and Hungary countries share the same booths.  Yet

Croatia Hungary Border #3

again Hungary sorry says no I do not think you can enter.  He walks away comes back out with this bigger lady and she says its ten day quarantine in Hungary if you like to enter.  I said no maybe I just try go north into Slovenia.  She said maybe you can try so I was not even going to make the third attempt into Hungary from Croatia I thought I may have better luck in another country.  After another hour an half north of riding I realize I am at the damn Hungary border again.  My gps had me going from Croatia into Hungary then into Slovenia.  If you look at a map that makes no sense cause Slovenia is directly north of Croatia.  Anyways I am like fuck im here in line might as well try.  This border is like the other where the share the same booths so Croatia stamps me out but grabs my passport and title to my motorcycle and hands it to the Hungary immigration.  While I am sitting there I am told to move to the side to allow the EU drivers through.  The lady who took my info seemed very nice and I can see her trying to scan my passport but then out comes a officer he ask what’s my reason to enter Hungary I tell him I am coming for holiday.  He then asks what’s my motorcycle plate number on my title I show him he looks at my bike and then walks away.  About 10 mins later the lady hands another officer my info the officer waves me over gives me my stuff and says

Beautiful Lake outside of Budapest

welcome drive careful.  So boom after all that shit I read all bullshit I am in my 101st country.  I made the drive to Lake Balaton to stop with plans to get in the water before heading into the city of Budapest.  It was Saturday and it was hot as fuck so it was packed.  I cruised around on the bike took a photo and decided to just get into the city and checked into my bed and breakfast that I paid 21$ a night for.  The drive from the Lake to the city SUCKED.. It was 93 degrees humid and it was a long straight freeway no turns what so ever and literally nothing on either side of the road to even look at.  Finally arrive in the city and get checked into my place.  I got in

Arrived in Budapest grab a photo at Hero Square

around 6 so I was hungry I search for a Thai restaurant found one near by caught the sunset over the Danube River and hung out in my place till night time.  Since it was Saturday  night I figure things should be good. Budapest is kinda known for being a party place so I was excited to see if things have picked up now that people are allowed out and about.  Around ten I head out to one of the famous ruin bars the place was crazy interesting so eclectic inside never been to place ever like it.  Had two beers and decided to walk around some more.  I ended up two metal bars for a beer each before calling it night around 1am.

DAY 12 – Woke up semi early and got out and about.  First day in town I never know what to do so I usually just copy places that the hop on hop off busses do.  So started my trek to hero square it seemed the furthest point away and from there I would just weave my ass back through city to my place.  Got some photos of my first castle there and near by was a art museum.  So I hop in there to

my favorite piece of art at the museum

cool off cause it was a hot humid day.  The museum actually had a lot of amazing pieces of art so I was really stoked I did walk in.  Next I made my way to the water to see the parliament building but this place is on the water so you can not get far enough away to take a photo its just way to fucking big to even attempt to get a picture of it.  Afterwards I found out there was a pinball museum with all these crazy antique pinballs.  I like odd ass museums like that so I was definitely interested in stopping there.  It was 12$ to enter which I was like eh not sure if I care that much but all the machines are free to play.  I mean this would be super rad if I was with friends but to play these games by myself I mean ill do it but its def not that fun.  The really old antique pinball machines were so rad to play.  The noises and all the mechanic sounds were truly incredible.  I played every antique pinball machine there was.  Some I was truly like what the heck where they thinking  the pedals are super tiny with one foot gap in the middle like literally a foot gap.  Next I made my way to the synagogue.  This is the largest one in Europe and the second largest in the world but due to the stupid virus they had it closed. I grabbed some dinner and made my way back to my place by 8 and called it a night.

Parliament Building 3rd largest in the world

DAY 13 – I slept like complete shit that night so again was awake super early so up and out the door by 11.  Today I was going to head to the other side of the city.  Budapest is actually split in half by the Danube river.  So one side is actually Buda the other side

main church in the castle walls

is Pest.  I was staying on pest and yesterday spent my whole day on Pest.  So today was heading over to Buda to go to some churches castles and museums yet again.  I made the walk across the bridge and started exploring.  Got up into the castle first but realized its just castle walls.  You can not actually enter it.  Well that kinda sucked I thought next was this place called Fisherman Bastillion well I was not sure what the hell this was but its a damn church.  It was def a impressive looking church but I have no idea how it got that name and not like I really care either. (If you do there is google to find that answer). After walking around I saw there was a Houdini museum near by on my way over there I saw there was a Labyrinth called my interest so down underneath the city I went to these underground tunnels.  Guess it was reported Drakula was held prisoner there no idea if that shit is true but good story anyways the place was pretty cool.  Had some prison cells in there that they had some wax figures of the antique days

insides Dracula Labyrinth

in Hungary a bunch of statues of famous Hungarian people.  They had this creepy area that was a bit to long where you entered complete darkness.  I thought okay maybe a few minutes probably lame but it was long as shit and literally fucking sketchy as shit.  Not sure when I felt that way in a long time.  Finally got back into some light and it circled back around to the exit.  I went to go to that Houdini museum but of course that was close due to the stupid virus as well. So I decided to just make my way back to the other Side of the river for dinner.  Got one of my favorite things in Germany a Doner which is actually Turkish but it was one food I actually love to eat in Germany.  Like in my past experience it sucked compared to the ones in Germany but made my way home and called it another early night.

Day 14 – Today I really had nothing to do and honestly wish I was not staying in Budapest but I paid for my airbnb for the night so I was not going to waste it and leave early even though I only paid 21$ a night.  So I woke up deciding if I wanted to make the hour drive back to the Lake I visited the day I arrived in Hungary or just be lazy.  I decided to just be lazy.  I booked my hostels for my next two city and planned out some camping spots in the next country.  Around 3 I finally was like okay I want to ride Bernard

stone church

around the city take some photos and just cruise around.  So I did just that for about two hrs got back to my place around 530 and grabbed some food from a Israel chain here.  Afterwards I had plans to cross back over to Buda side to go to this stone church and then above that was a citadel that over looked the whole city.  I wanted to hang out there for the sunset.  After foods I made my way to the church it was a lot closer then I thought and a lot smaller than I thought.  So I was in and out within minutes and made my way to the top of the hell.  After my little off road walking finally got to the top and realized it was 630.  Well shit the sunset is at 830 and there is no where to sit or lay up here and all the damn food and drink stands are closed.  I killed a hr and was like you know what I don’t think I can even see the sunset this time of the year from this location.  So I said fuck it and head back down to the mountain and decided I was going to grab a beer and sit on the bridge to catch the sunset.  Hung out there for another hour just lounging caught the sunset and decided that’s a wrap for Hungary.  I am going to head back to my place and just kill the night away by filling out this blog.  Tomorrow morning I have a 7hr drive north but have to cross two borders so could be a long day dealing with all that shit.

last sunset of Budapest

DAY 15 – Got my ass up early since I got to sleep the night before and made the drive north to Poland.  If you know geography you

arrived in Slovakia

can’t just go to Poland from Hungary so of course I head to get into Slovakia.  Funny thing about Slovakia it literally was the 2nd country I have ever visited when I first when overseas.  First was Austria and while I was in Austria I took the train to Slovakia.  So now shit 10yrs later here I am again heading into Slovakia so I figure I might as well make a stop and enjoy it for a bit.  I arrived in the town of zvolen it is ab out half through Slovakia.  I saw there was a castle there so I thought I stop.  I try to go in and they said I needed a mask so I said no thanks and continue to walk around in side the court yard of the castle anyways.  After that I saw there was a

Armored Train in Slovakia

military train so that sounded interesting to me walked over grabbed a photo went into town ate some ice cream and  choose to continue into Poland.  I arrived in Krakow Poland around 6 the hostel I booked said it included free dinner every night.  I thought it be shit and anyone who knows me knows I give zero fucks about fancy food good food to me is literally a waste stupid as fuck might as well brag about good gasoline in your car while your at it. Anyways this free dinner I got was damn good and it was FUCKING FREEEEEEEEEE didn’t sit at a fancy place didn’t have to wear stupid ass clothing to get in I sat down and they deliver a free god damn plate of food and I loved it.  Afterwards I took some photos of the city went to a local bar that had punk rock music playing had a beer and while I was there a drunk local bought me two shots.  Not vodka but Jager for some odd reason.  Afterwards the guy was definitely a little to drunk for my sober ass so I made my back home for the night.

Krakow Old Town Square

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