Macedonia and a disappointing 100th country

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Aug 5th so the night before I camped on the Albania said of Lake ohrid.  So I woke up at 8am when it starts getting to hot in the

GOOD MORNING to Lake Ohrid in Albania

tent and packed my Shit up and made my way to the Macedonia border.  I arrived in twenty min got stamped out of Albania got to Macedonia got stamp on but I needed to have insurance.  So I had to go into this office building buy Macedonia insurance then finally got the clear to carry on.  I was heading to the town called ohrid to go see yet another fortress castle walls whatever u want to call that over looked the town.  Started my strut around the place to capture this amazing views of the town below and the blue

arrived in Macedonia

Lake Ohrid Macedonia Side

water of ohrid.   There was a tiny monetary inside the place that I checked out but was really basic and small so in and I was.  Now one of my main reasons if wanting to come here was to do the lake tour.  So after the fort I went down into the town to see what the scenario is booking this.  Found the little cruise bought my trip for 10 euros and was to return in a hour to board.  Now the boat I was told is 5 hrs long n I figure they would not have food on the boat so I decided to find some quick way bite.  This little city is a lively place with restaurants everywhere but if anybody knows European service it’s not the best.  You truly never know how long your gong to wait to get help then get your food then get your check.  Soo found a gyro stand that was fast n grab me a gyro walked around town for a bit n then loaded on the boat.  The boat took you to this place call bay of the bones which sounds interesting right.  Yeah it sucked I don’t even know what the hell I was looking or reading. Good thing that stop was only 30 mins so I grab ice cream n got back on the boat. The next stop took you to this beach that also has river

Bay of Bones honsetly do not even bother going here

my first white peacock

cruises n another monetary.  I visited the monetary where I saw my first ever white peacock.   Monestary there to was pretty boring but now I have 3 hrs to kill her T at this beach.  Now I did expect to be on a beach for that long nor did my silly ass really bring money.  I had less then 20 euros. So I went to the beach took a dip then played on the beach where I passed out for a hour. Woke up had 30 mins left so grab a beer from this market and did a slow stroll back to the boat.     Boat arrived n back to the city we went right before Sunset.  Got back to the city grabbed Bernard n made my way to call for the night but first grabbing some cheap grub.  I arrived at camp after indulging in some grilled chicken for 4 euro. Now when I arrived it was only 6 euros for the night right in the water but this place was packed so they squeezed me in between two RVs.  After getting set up the guy said would I like a beer I said no I’m okay but he said no its free it’s your welcome drink.  Well Shit then Yeah I’ll take one n called it a night. Aug 6.  I had a short two hr drive to the capital of skopje where I’ll  finally be back in a hotel to shower and relax.  So packed up camp n made my way to this archeological site. Stop in grab some photos and got talking with a couple from France that rides (they were there in a car though)

some more ruins to be had

Archeology stop 2

guess the guy suffered a bad accident in Poland ten years ago n now his right leg represents it. With some pretty  gnarly scars n had to wear a shoe now with a good 3in on the bottom to make up for how short it is now.  After chatting up with them are the one leftover piece of chicken from the night before (yep no refrigerator n sitting in the heat on the side of my bike 💪🏾). Grub that bad buy down with another advocado n made my way to stop number two.  Stop number two was another Archeology site not really sure what this place but it was freaking massive as far as land size was.  There was no one even there not sure if i was to pay or not but i just walked into the place but was pretty amazed by it all even though i have no real idea about any of it.  So next stop hotel so got checked into my room showered and kick back for a good hour or so.  It was hot as Shit in this city at 98 n humid but I found a Indian restaurant so thought I go do some sight seeing to this fortress near me stop over at mother Teresa home where she was born n get me my Indian.   So grab some photos of the fort which again over looked the city then carried into the city center.  Now one thing that was amazing to me is that they have a freaking statue everywhere. Like it’s

Arrived in the city of Skopje

got to have the most statues in a small area it was insane.  Then finally arrived at this little house of mother Teresa.  It really just had a bunch of photos of her around the world meeting other religious nut jobs with a little church that was clearly added later.  I always thought she was Indian but guess she was born there and moved to India at a young age and that is where she is buried.  Afterwards try to find my Indian and with my luck it has been abandoned.  This time it was not the USA embassy aka McDonald’s around the corner it was the USA consulate aka the burger king.  So Fuck it cheeseburger n fries it was.  After I got this tiny ass burger with tons of fries.  I walked my way back to the hotel but not before grabbing some more ice cream at a Ice cream stand. 

O shit this looks dangerous

While I was walking around that day I saw a bar that said they were having kerokee n also listed they had over 40 flavors of rakijh. So I thought I’ll have to check that out and indulge in this liquor I know nothing about.  So around ten head out n grab me a beer n told the waitress to give me whatever flavor she likes which was sour cherry.  So from what I gathered it’s a fruit brandy and really not that bad.  I enjoyed the gives had like 3 more rakijh and called it a night.  Aug 7 one thing I realized when I checked in was  they had these flyers for this amazing canyon trip so today I was gong to find that canyon. Grab Bernard n off we drove for

the road I got lose on not a bad road to be lost at

about a hour only to come to find out we were in the wrong side of the Damn canyon.  The views were amazing so it was not a total waste.  So I had to go back the same direction I came back through the city n go to the other side which was only a thirty min drive before I arrived in this cluster Fuck of cars along this single lane road where cars are trying to go both directions. Get Bernard parked and started the hour walking back in.  So there is a cave somewhere up this river and I find out you can either take a boat up or paddle up the bitch.  I asked the guy how long he says about a hour hour n half. I said Fuck it I’m take the kayak

the one hour paddle up

so the paddling began.  Now I have not paddle Shit in years ago a Damn hour felt forever I thought Shit this is really probably going to be a three hour Rd trip.  I do arrive to the cave in the only one on a kayak tons of boats are just ripping back n forth.  I do a little dive into the underworld get a little history about the water depths that still did not reach the bottom. Think the guy said it was 236meters so like 700ft deep.  Head back out take a dip in the water to cool off before making this paddle back.  Now the paddle back is gong with the flow of the river but I’ll be Damn didn’t feel any different to be.  I did get back to the dock where I find out I did it in 2hrs and 15 mins and that’s with the a good 20 min or so trek in the cave so they charge me for 2 hrs n back to Bernard n off I was to try to get atleast Chinese food this day.  So found a place near where the Indian restaurant was grab a roll if sushi it was only 3 euros that sucked n grab some spicy Mongolian beef and yeah that sucked to.  Headed back to the hotel n called it a night. Aug 8 up to the capital of Kosovo I was going but of course not without another border crossing. Get check out Macedonia easy then to Kosovo. Kosovo you to need to get insurance. So as I was grabbing insurance another guy was in there on

my 100th country

a Enduro bike with german plates he sparks up a conversation and asked if I’m going to horizon unlimited meeting in Montenegro.  I told him I was unaware of it I really only look at the website if I need help. So for those who do not know horizon unlimited is the site that inspired me to ride my motorcycle around the world. It’s a site with thousand or member who all write about there experience. You can majority of shit on there pertaining to motorcycle rv  and 4×4 world travel. From border crossing to shipping vehicles to matience it’s truly great site that changed my life.  So anyways he said it starts today and ends Sunday. Well I already had my hotel booked in Kosovo so I couldn’t make it tonight and plus I really need clean clothes but I said maybe I come tomorrow which was Fri if not Def sat. He told me to get the GPS coordinate off the site and hopes I show up.  He went his direction towards Montenegro and moved onto the capital of Kosovo pristine.  So got checked in and got my laundry dropped off.  I then head into town cause I heard there was a Thai restaurant but first figure I’ll do some walking to build up your appetite. 

mr blow job billy

there country proud monument

Now from I read the city doesn’t freaky have much to offer hell there is no actual Kosovo citizen there either Albania or Serbian. Russia and Serbia don’t even consider it a real country for that matter.  But they did get there independence whether u want to dispute it or not. (I found this all out cause there nothing but Albanian and USA flags everywhere).  It’s the second youngest country and the reason for the biggest terrorist in the world aka USA is because in typical usa fashion they put there nose in other people’s business and help fight the Serbs to let the land alone. (Hmm odd right wont help Palestine one bit and it’s there country 🖕🏿). So cause of this I found out they had a bill Clinton statue so I had to check this out and for all you scum bag orange cum guzzling voters there are Hillary stores everywhere as well.  So I went to checked out old blow job Billy with a Hillary store right next to it. Then went to mother Teresa cathedral which was lame in all honesty.  Then one thing that pops up as soon as u Google pristine Kosovo is the ugliest building in the world which is actually fucking cool I thought. Went to this rad ass abandon church (so one church down thank you) and then saw there newborn sign that there also known. When they got there independence they built this and change the letters every year to a new theme.     After that little loop I was right where I wanted to be right next to a Thai restaurant. I haven’t had Thai since Finland so almost two months ago and it was some legit Thai food thankfully.   I made my way back to my hotel around 5ish grab some fruit at a stand and ended my day.

the ugliest building aka there library which looks pretty fucking cool to me

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