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THANK YOU MYANMAR SENSES truly amazing time

Day 30 its been one month officially riding now been 60 days total and the day didn’t start off so well.  I woke up around 2 am on April 11th feeling sick i go to the toilet to gag myself to throw up.   I puke a feel times feel great go back to sleep.  No that did not cut it I woke up a few more times think 5 to be exact from 2 am to 8am puking my lungs out feeling like death.  8am we are to leave for India border and the thought of smelling indian spices has me even more sick.  I some how get my shit together throw my shit on the bike and head for the border in 90 degree weather

my second go in India first time driving not sure if im happy about it

after puking all morning.  I am going to pat myself on the back here and say i feel like i can tough throw a lot of shit and after 3hrs of riding we arrive to myanmar borde to get check out.  That is accomplish we go to India to get checked in and after about 2hrs of running around (similar to my trip to south america) we got checked into the country and we moved on wards.  Our goal is not really to site see in this part of the country of india but to rush to nepal.  I originally wanted to go to bangladesh cause i want a god damn beach but decided mountains and scenery maybe better option.  Anyways after 12 hrs of riding in complete madness and the most horrendous roads we arrived at a hotel we just picked.   Day 31 another long day of riding ahead we woke up

our morning view with the bikes below

at 7 am to get on the road we go up to pay to check out but the owner said he brought his cook in to make us breakfast please wait.  We had no plans to eat breakfast but we could not be rude so we agreed on breakfast.  Ate our omelet and got on the road around 8 but needless to say we were in for more a surprise.  The night before it rain like shit so a minute outside of the city we see just that.  The roads are completely put hole filled with water and the whole streets covered with mud.  We drive at a average speed of 10-20mph for almost 2hrs before we hit dry land and out of the mountains.  Now theres no real explaining the roads in india even if u been here before cause i been here before and they had not looked like this.  Were in elevations of 5000 ft the roads are steep as shit and windy as hell and the people drive like there is not one single soul on the roads its a complete death wish.  Anyways we manage to get out of the city and keep heading west as far as we can.  We stop around 2 for a lunch break in a city paid 85 cents for lunch and keeps moving further west. Some reason each village we would arrive in look like they got hit my a hurricane the roads completely fucked and covered in mud and water even though one minute ago roads were semi fine an completely dry.  We finally get onto a proper freeway  think around 3 and take full advantage of it cruising along as fast and “safe” as possible you would say.  Around 6 for some odd reason it has gotten dark here even though the sun has originally set around 620 everywhere so far.  So 6 it hit dark and ask willis if we should continue we keep keeping on before its starts lightning like crazy we decide to pull over at this shop on the side of the road that says hotel.  Well come to find out its not a hotel but the guys offered us in for a tea and

fucking india border madness

to take us to a hotel.  We sit down they gave us tea water took photos together and accepted us like family.  Literally maybe some of the nicest people I


have ever came across in all of my life.  They showed us to this nice ass hotel when the rain stop and we checked in for the night.  Day 32 our plan was to get to Katmandu Nepal thats what we paid for anyways for the night.  We hopped on the road early around 7am and started our journey to Nepal made amazing time till we get the border city of india and complete india madness slap us in the face.  We pushed through complete shit and madness for two hours before arriving to more complete shit and madness at the border.  We got checked out of india thankfully and pushed our way into nepal and man was it a fucking relief to get over that

arrived at my 90th country NEPAL

imaginary line in the ground.  Instantly did we feel happy about it.  We got our visas on arrival and moved a bit into the country just to stop and eat our MRE for lunch.  at this point i knew it was no way we would arrive to katmandu so i called and canceled the hostel for the night but let them know we were to arrive tomorrow they had no problems with that.  So we pushed on through in nepal to get as far possible west as we could.  The sun set like it normally should 615ish and got dark around 7.  So around 7 i suggested camping cause we both paid a lot for camping gear and its finally been semi cool out.  We searched for awhile of a place to stop and throw up a tent.  I found this sweet spot along the road sandy and  not to horrible to park the bikes at.  Willis was not feeling the idea and suggested is there a hotel nearby there was one 2 miles ahead so we scratch the camping idea and moved onto a hotel up the road. Day 33 its now 4 straight days of long hard riding we get on the road to make out way to katmandu.  It says its 180 miles but how long that may take is to be decided.  We make it to the bottom of the mountain in good time only 50 miles left to katmandu.  Well those 50 miles took us 3hrs of nothing but incredibly narrow roads steep rocky and incredibly windy.  We manage to live another day and get to our hostel for the next few nights.  We get in shower up and get our laundry did and get money exchange.  We grab food at this amazing restaurant but on our way there we passed a hair salon.  During dinner we said fuck it lets get our hair cuts.  Well this if the first time in my life i have ever gotten my hair cut by someone i have not known and by a person who don’t even speak my language in another country.  Needless to say we both got what we wanted i think both of our cuts came out awesome and beyond that willis got a straight razor shave job and we both received a good 30 min massage that had me half

crazy friend ass friend PASCAL

asleep it felt so good.   We get back to our room to relax before trying to explore the night life. While in the room a guy came knocking at our door while i was on the shitter.  I heard willis talking with him and asked him if tattoo dan was here and if he tattooed.  He saw our bikes sitting out front and saw the license plates.  I come to the door he said wait you have a willie tattoo right i said yeah he said its me Pascal from switzerland i met you in costa rica like 2 yrs ago when you were riding south.   So now rewind on my journey to south america i met a guy cruising with girl on the back and a side car attached to his bike.  This is the same fucking dude and not only did i never get his phone number i never even got his name i don’t believe.  This same dude is staying at the same damn hostel his bike is not with him cause he just shipped to Iran the day before.  This crazy fucker been on the road since driving around the world.  He said he has been here for awhile cause of the acid here and does not want to enter

Happy New Year 2075

india again.   Anyways we had some beers and then rushed over to this bar called purple haze.  Now its Nepal new year 2075 so this bar that i thought we were going to is a straight up music venue and is packed.  So on top of it being nepal new year willis bday is at midnight. Of course i had to get the shots flowing.  The night ended before midnight cause we thought we go to another bar but most bars close at 11 so we came back to the hostel had a few rum and cokes and called it a night.  Day 34 its willis bday so left what to do up to him and he said is there really anything to do in this city.  The city is madness so i said well it will involve riding or we can say fuck it just walk about and enjoy the day off of riding.  So we did just that roamed around the area we are in known as Thamel.  Hoped in and out of shops grab lunch grabbed

bday partying

beers and just bar hopped from about 5 on.  We got stuck in this bar called the Hole in the Wall.  Its literally just that its 3 stories but it technically starts on the 2nd floor so its 4 stories high and the bar is on the first floor.  So we grab beers and shots and head to the top story the rooms are literally 10ftx10ft with like 8ft ceilings.  There playing all jazz and blues music.  We finished our tall beers and move to the 3rd story repeat the shot and beer thing again.  Then we move down to the 2nd story where there was a irish guy in the bar.  Now mind you this is the only person in this whole bar its just been willis in I in these tiny rooms talking drinking and saying fuck off about the day.  So when we get down to where the bar is we start talking with the two guys working the irish guy and start taking more shots and grabbing more beers playing metal music and having a grand old time.  I am not sure what time we left there I am guessing it was around 10-11 but needless to say we some how made it back to the hostel just fine to our beds. Day 35 we were planning on going rafting so when we woke up we spoke with the guy and he mentioned it had to be booked a day in advance.  So shit well there went that idea so we went and grabbed our laundry packed it back up in the bikes laid around for a bit walked around for a bit and then after dinner we got some drinks and started bar hopping again.  Think we made it to like 3-4 bars shooting pool at most of them one we watch jackass youtube videos on a big screen for two rounds of beers before we end up back at purple haze to check out the live music.  We played think 4 games of pool there beating out the guys on the table before we were like eh fuck it lets go back to the hostel we are going to get on the bikes again tomorrow. Day 36 got up and we started back on the road out of madness of katmandu and making our move heading to the west.  Had a nice start to the day just chilling on the windy roads before thunder came rolling in.  The next hour of our ride we went in and out of hard rain before we came to the city of Pokhara.  We got checked into our next hostel and again fucking fate.  So on my trip again almost 2 yrs ago heading south you can’t ride from panama to colombia you have to either shipped the bike via air or via sea or catch a sailboat that will put the bike on it. and you cruise with  This sailboat was a 7 day shit show of a party hitting up 3 different sand bl

Chris and I meet again

as islands in the middle of nowhere in the carribbean. On that sailboat was this guy. chris from sydney.  Yes so literally checking into the hotel not even in our room yet a guy comes into the front desk to get drinking water boom its fucking him.  Totally lost my shit two cities in a row two different people and he is from australia he is in nepal for a wedding.  Anyways we say whats up he just got back from a trek so off he went we still had to get out of our clothing.  We change shower up and go out for dinner.  Grab dinner and drinks and call it a night.  Day 37 we woke up early cause we are supposed to go paragliding but at 8am the clouds still did not lift so it was better we wait till its much more clear.  So we grabbed the breakfast Chris was down there because he was flying to katmandu for the wedding the following day.  We chat

floating about in the world

it up for a bit before I head back up into the room and he was heading to the airport.  11 came so we got picked up and went to the paragliding place to not far from the hostel to sign paper work and switch into another vehicle.  We made the death ride up to the top of the mountain 1000meters higher than we already were (3000ft) but were instantly let down cause it started to drizzle so clouds were rolling in.  We hung out for about 30 mins before there was some movement and people were laughing off the side of the mountain.  Willis went first and about 3-4 people later was my turn to take the leap.  I have hang glided before in brazil where your flying like superman it was alright but did a lot of circles around the same spot the whole time instead of actually flew so i was a bit bored with after awhile.  Well in honesty this is not much different taking a leap off of the mountain is awesome but after you know your safe all your doing is buzzing over the same spot till you eventually land on ground again.  I will say paragliding is easier you don’t have to keep your head up the whole time but i think hand gliding seem more “riskier” cause your just holding onto a bar not sitting all happy and dandy in someone else’s lap.  Anyways after on the ground we got to witness our guys beat up some shitty guy wearing a suit while drinking our beer.  The suit wearing cunt definitely started it some big bad business man started pushing an shoving them so he got what he deserved with selfie sticks and fist to the side of the face. They ran off before the cops came but we knew what van we were in so we hoped into our van and made our way into the city.  Got dropped off got our photos of the day and made our way to grab some lunch.  After lunch we were deciding on what to do tomorrow rafting was booked for 1 but we had the morning did we want to go to everest base camp or just fly around the himalayan mountains in a tiny death trap.  Well we decided on the death trap cause from what they say the base camp is just 15min flight drop off 30 mins standing taking photos and 15min flight back.  So we booked that for the morning and as we were going to cruise around to the lake to take photos on the bikes but rain was a coming down.  So we just laid around in the hotel.  This is the first time of our trip we have gotten rain in like this so it was just another night of relaxing again. Day 38 we woke up at 530am because we were supposed to take a thing called the ultra light up to the mountains and yeah typical mornings complete shit so they suggested its not good to go right now the sky is not clear.  He said he would come up and get us when he thinks it should be good to go.  Well right before 9 we get the knock on our door asking if we still wanted to go.  We both said yeah lets go.  We were debating to do this or go to base camp but the owner of the hostel suggested that the base camp thing is kinda lame that taking the ultra light is more adventurous.  We arrive to the airport get a boarding pass to walk through the airport to the small hangers were the ultra lights sit.  Instantly they start throwing heavy ass clothing on us and telling us to zipper up but its like mid 80s out so we are instantly sweating.  We do as we are told throw the helmet and hop in the ultra light we sit not he runway for like 20 mins before we take off and I’m thinking great now I’m sweating so I’m going to freeze my ass off.  I brought my motorcycle jacket and wore the rest of there clothing.  Instantly thinking shit should I have worn there get up.  We take off this little death trap of a machine within like 10secs down the runway and it shot almost straight up.  So adrenaline rushed over me and had a stupid smile on my face I believe for the rest of the time.  Willis took off before us so we kinda followed there lead the whole time. We got up fairly close to the mountains but unfortunately i had my go bro so you can’t really see how close we were and later we were told we reach heights of 17000 ft and the main mountain that we saw is 27000 ft which is only 2000 ft lower than mt everest.  This thing was completely awesome no windows no doors I’m proba

17,000 ft high

bly only sitting in this thing about 5 inches i have the straps right in front of me i could of literally just rolled out of this anytime i wanted to.  Anyways after about 45mins up in the mountains my fingers were freezing but to be honest my jacket did me well I really was not freezing at all. On our way back we got close to willis and his pilot then we did a few spins down to earth and a few dips where he pulled up on the bar and then pushed it down as we dove straight to earth.  Im not sure of the angle we were exactly at but it was bad ass and felt like death.  As we were heading back to the airstrip we circled around the lake we paraglide the day before thinking instantly well that was a waste of money were higher and can see further clearer.  After about a hour and 15 mins we land back on the airstrip get undress out of the cold gear and head back to our hostel.  Now we told the owner we wanted to do white water rafting the day we got in but never confirmed with him.  After splurging on the ultra light I kinda cared less to do the rafting.  So when we got back he is like do you guys want to grab lunch you got like a hour and half before the shuttle picks u up for rafting.  I was like eh I think we are good he said o no i told them you were going so if you cancel it would cancel that raft well

here we go

fuck okay we agreed.  Ran and grab lunch quick got back they were there to pick us up so we change and got into another shuttle off to do rafting.  This is the first time for me as well so after about a hour drive up this sketchy ass road we arrive to the river.   It sure looked low to me and since the water was blueish white willis was suggesting it is glacier water so its probably freezing.. I instantly was not having any sort of coldness fuck the cold.  They had these windbreaker things that they said we could wear to kinda keep us warm so I instantly got one of those.  We loaded up in the rafts as a group of 5 and down the river we were heading after a way to descriptive briefing.  Our first real rapid water came splashing in but i was like shit that not cold at all and honestly after about 30 mins we were sweating.  In the middle of the journey there was a flat spot they suggested we could jump out and swim in but at that same time it started to really rain.  I decided to stay in the boat cause I was now cooled off cause I’m soak from the rain.  Overall the experience was fun but it would of been better with more common sense people.  The 3 others really had no idea what to do.  So i would definitely like to do this again in the near future.  By the time we got back it was 5 we laid around then decided to grab din and a beer around 7. Ate and called it night since the next day we were going to be up yet again at 5 am.

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