Day 53-66

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Beautiful morning

Day 53 woke up early in the morning to head up to this lake where I wanted to camp.  I was told the night before they were not exactly sure if I could make it to the lake on my motorcycle.  Its mainly just 4×4 that go up there.  With that being said I should of done the smart thing and shed off the two side bags at the hotel and came back for them a day later.  The lake is 10000 ft in elevation so I started my way up a muddy 4×4 road.  I was texting my best bud mike early that morning when I woke up to ask him what the temperature is here before I rolled out of bed.  He said it was 58.  Well I was still freezing in bed so I thought hmm maybe it is that nice with the sun out.  I am not sure where he got his temp from but my bike said 38 still so the road was not enjoyable as I head another 1000 ft higher in elevation.  So oxygen is low

Bernard is down

and the cold takes your breath away as well.  I was half way to the lake and came across a avalanche path that was not cleared.  The trucks were just riding a path right over it.  It definitely was far from smooth but I figured I got this if I can just got to the top I can just slide the bike down the underside if need be.  Yeah, thats when Beamer Bernard slipped and fell and down we both went on the frozen icy path.  Now I am 9000 some feet in elevation and I have to try and lift this 700 pd motorcycle up.  After a few slips and struggles on the icy path I got bernard standing up right.  So I thought okay Ill just walk beside it up over.  I stood beside the Bernard through him in gear and started to walk but did not get far before the rear tire started to spin on the ice.  A few attempts with putting rocks behind the tire it got a bit moving but i lost my foot on the ice and bernard then went down a second time but this time he was down laying down hill.  Now if lifting him up the first time was hard enough this I don’t believe is going to be feasible.  I struggle several times to barely even get foot traction to move the bike a

the beauty of Pakistan at its best an purest form

inch.  I was completely winded out of breath.  I grabbed some photos of the beautiful scenery and at this time a shepherd was walking near by and must of heard me revving the engine on the ice or something but he came to my aid.  We were both able to get bernard vertical again and at this point I figured fuck it i will just turn around.  So we eased him back off the icy surface onto the dirt and mud.  This is when it would of been nice to not have my bags on cause I would of just kept going but its a coming known thing of people breaking there legs trying to balance them selfs over terrain and catching there leg between the ground and side bags.  I get my leg in a pinch a few times already this trip catching my balance where i didn’t necessarily hurt myself but I felt it catch in between and thought yikes that could of gotten bad.  So I made my way back into town and carried on down to the warmer temperatures.  Not to far out of town there was a insanely huge rock that slid off the mountain last night in the midst of all that rain cause that rock was not there last night.  It was insanely big that could of easily killed anyone driving by at that moment.  There was two different groups of guys on each side of the rock wiring shit up I am guessing they were going to blow it up cause there definitely was no way it was being moved.  It sat right in the middle of the road thankfully that part of the road there was enough land on the side to go around that I was not blocked there for a long while.  So I made my way back to the main freeway and head towards the city of Peshawar.  About 60 miles outside I read there is these old buddha ruins for something to sea.  So I exit the freeway stopped

another meal by yet another amazing humans

and grabbed some gas where I was offered lunch.  The guys who must of own the gas station suggested to come into there office ask if i was hungry even though I did not say yes fresh plate of rice rotti (there bread) some meat in some sauce as well as some vegetables were in front of me.  I then dived in as I have not ate anything yet today woke up at 5am and it was noon already.  Finished up there and onto the ruins I went.  Did some site seeing of what is left of the ruins up this mountain and carried on back to my bike and was making my way to the city of Peshawar.  Found a hotel on the side of the road before the madness of the city that had underground parking for 32$ so i took it.  Got my riding gear washed and called it a night.  Day 54 there is this pretty famous town south of Peshawar that is known for making all hand craft

Made it to this “dangerous” place

guns.  It is told to not go there alone and all this other bullshit if you google the city name of Darr Adam Khel.  It borders Afghanistan. This part of pakistan is not govern by pakistan police or military its where the tribes live and run there own rules.  The bullshit propaganda of the west suggest its where “ALL the TERRORIST” get there weapons.  Yeah all the terrorist this small fucking town this is where the Taliban comes.  Taliban the same people the USA and Russia supplied with weapons.  Funny the dumb shit you are told in a stupid brainwashed white society.  Anyways if thats the case hell yeah fuck it I am going to hang out with the terrorist and tell them my hatred for the USA and the worthless human life running the country.  I arrived into the are was stopped by the military they asked where I am going I tell them they kinda looked as though should they let me in.  They did so off I went into this quote un quote forbidden land.  The road use to be part of the old silk road back in the day and was mentioned about its natural beauty and that it did not lack.  Mountains on both sides of the roads covered in greenery it was crazy cause the terrain literally switched once I entered into this area.  Right before the town I was stopped by a group called fata (i think that was the name) at a check point.  They asked where I was going I told them to the gun bazaar where they make guns.  They talked for ever had me sit down more and more people cameand in the midst the one guy offered me ice cream and I swear out of fucking no where this guy gave me ice cream.  After about a hour or 2 I was told I could not enter of course I was pissed like your kidding not only I can not enter I have to drive 2 hr back the way I came.  Obviously with a face of disgust and anger I walk over to my bike where I was told to just wait.  This guy dressed in the local attire came out in this brand new jeep with 4 dudes in military gear and weapons.  I thought he might be someone important he then spoke with me in perfect english that the reason I can no enter is because I am on a motorcycle.  No motorcycles are allowed to enter and we have military all over the mountains in town if they see a motorcycle there going to instantly think your a terrorist.   He suggested if I had a car I would have no problems entering cause it would be normal and the bike is not.  I said well can I just come with you into town.  He looked confused and said were going on patrol but let me see what I can do.  After some talk he said yes we can take you in town for a brief moment you will have to ride in the cab of the truck with us you can not be in the bed of the truck with the military dudes.  At this point I sure as fuck did not care where I sat so in the truck cab I squeezed in as I left poor bernard out in the sun to back for the next few hours.  We got into town they did some trips through different streets I asked will I be able to get out and visit at least one of the  gun bazaar and possible shoot some thing.  He said I could not shoot anything cause I am with them but we will stop at one and you can have a look.  Eventually after about 30 mins or so we pulled up to this little store where this older man and a kid were just sitting on the floor surrounded by 100s of hand guns and some rifles as well but mostly hand guns.  My new guide military person friend was telling me they can make any

all hand graved gun

gun u want u show them are in a few days time u will have it made.  He mentioned they use to even make anti aircraft weapons but they shut them down a few years back and do not allow them to.  The older man and child did not speak english so my guide would translate.  The kid was doing these engravings on the gun that were insanely intricate.  He mentioned the kid been making guns probably since he was 6 that is 14 now and is one of few people here that do the engraving.  He mentioned that all these guns are actually better quality then the real thing and cost 1/3 the price.  He said every gun here is hand made so if it fails and or breaks they throw them away.  There is no replacement parts cause each gun is original not machine pressed and cut to be exact overtime.  We were only there for a short period of time and the guy said okay we have to go we have to take you back now because we are supposed to be patrolling.  I of course did not care I felt lucky enough I was able to enter.  The town was pretty cool and as we left you could see hundreds more shops that made guns he mentioned there is probably about 1000 gun shops in town.  Guns are actually illegal in pakistan like MOST countries except for people who hunt which need special license and permission but in the tribe region they kinda have there own laws.  We finally arrived back to the check point where I got back on my bike and made the dreadful 2hr drive back into the city before getting on the highway.  Now there is a road they called the motorway in pakistan I drove on the way to peshawar so now them going to be heading in the opposite direction I get on the on ramp and pass these officers in the car they asked if they can take a

my new friends who got me some roadside food

picture I said sure they said follow us to the toll booth.  We get right before the toll booth pull over take some photos with the guys and they then asked if I would like some food.  Were on the side of the road theres nothing around so I am like sure we go somewhere to eat.  He said no wait right here one guy gives the other some money he leaves and like 5mins later I got juice and chips and then comes a bag of goodies.  Dead fried potatoes eggs and little chicken pieces or I think it was chicken it might of been veggies.  I ate it all up and they said okay we need to go and I was like yeah I should be getting on the road myself.  I head into the toll where the guy at the toll tells me no motorcycles you are not allowed see no motorcycles do you.  Well now that he mentioned it yeah I do not see any.  He said maybe ask the highway police up ahead to see if you can enter.  I go in they said no its for my safety you can not enter.  So now even more annoyed cause I got to take the city streets and I am 189 miles from where I want to go.  I head back to town and end up taking the stupid streets like I was told.  I should of just went I told myself and played stupid consider my bike is probably faster than majority of the damn cars and trucks on the road. On way on the normal street road which use to be there old highway so it did have tolls still set up.  So there was a advertisement over one of the tolls that said there was a aquarium hotel in the city of Rawalpindi and inside the hotel was the worlds tallest aquarium.  Well I liked the sound of that so instead of going where I was planning I decided to stay the night there.  Now most of the trip I literally been staying at 40$ or less night hotels and almost everything I been doing has been free. Except for the taj in india and the stuff in Nepal that I did.  So i was like fuck it I’m going to splurge and get me a god damn room aquarium room with by the photos the showed two walls in the room were nothing but the aquarium.  Well about 2hrs later I go to where I think this damn hotel is.  Literally made two loops back and forth with no luck.  Now online there is 27 5star reviews so I go back online real quick and the very last comment left was a one star and in the comment section said this hotel does not exist they just broke ground April 1st. 

my note

and my new friend and such a great meal

So what the fuck I was all bummed out.  So i found a hotel near by and checked in.  After checking in I go to my room shower and lay down.  About 1 after being checked in I get a someone knocking at my room and its a note from a guy that the owner of the hotel would like to invite me out for dinner.  he asked for me to write my phone number down since there was no phone in the room.  I scribble it down and got a call probably about 15mins later where a guy said his name and said yes would you like to get dinner.  I said heck yeah told me that he is at the front desk.  So I walk back down to the front desk where I am greeted by a different person then who checked me in.  He said its his hotel and would like to show me some pakistan hospitality by taking me out for dinner.  I was enlightened so to this nice ass restaurant we went.  Literally the nicest place I have eaten at this whole trip.  The food was amazing we talked he went to school in the states for a few years and has a uncle who lives in texas who owns a IT company.  The guy was only 26 I believe after dinner and talking he said he would show me around this complex I am staying in.  SO apparently some poor guy proposed to a bunch of investors about buy 100 of acres of land and building its own community.  So this dude who now is filthy rich did just that.  In this community it has its own security on every block its now traffic lights own restaurants it is absolutely insane and its as far as the eye can see.  Its hard to justify how amazing this area really was and I was absolutely jaw drop by it.  It even had its own zoo because he has been gifted so many animals from people cause of his love for animals he know where to keep them all so built a zoo for people to visit and feed them.  It was literally a one of a kind place that I am curious if it exists in other parts of the world.  After all that he dropped me back off at my hotel said we would keep in touch that he maybe coming to texas by the end of the year.  Day 55 I made my way south to where I intended to go the night before I rode for about 2 hrs before I get stopped at another checkpoint.  Again the normal routine begins do you want tea. Well fuck yes I would matter of fact not sure what the hell is pakistans tea but it is god damn delicious. Start talking start taking pictures they end up bringing me snacks out but around the time I received the snacks its start to rain.  SO they say pull your bike inside the police station and come inside to get out of the rain.  I got there probably around 9am sat there till about

relaxing at the mayor of the village house with my new police friends waiting for my friend to come back with the gift he suggested

11talking and laughing with these guys the whole time.  About this time one of the guys mentioned if I own the local dress I said I did I actually bought two.  He said he wants to give me one in his fav color.  So I load up in his car  with two other guys and head into his village about 20 mins away.  We end up going to his brothers house who actually is the mayor of the village and has a beautiful house.  I sit down his brother comes as well as his two children to say hi.  We talk for a few minutes while the other guy disappears to go get me the local dress.  He comes back we all take photos together and then he suggest would I like to go to the lake.  I said sure why not so we go offloading in his small car about 30 mins back in the middle of nowhere to this lake.  He said this is actually the first time he has ever taken his car down this road normally he takes his jeep.  So we bounce around in the car before arriving at this beautiful lake with a mansion sitting on the other side of the hill.  The guy who owned the house actually  lives in los angeles i forget what he did but yeah it was

hanging out at this beautiful lake sharing laughs

amazing all by itself back this old dirt road.  After some time enjoying being out there we load back up and head back to the station.  At this time it was lunch think it was almost 1 so they served me lunch.  Hung out for about another hour before they said If I want to visit the salt mines I better get going.  SO I load my new gift into the back of the bike and make my way further south.  I arrive to the salt mines and as I park the bike there is a guy and other the people who again started talking to me about my bike.  As I head in to buy my ticket they said they will buy it cause as a local its 2 dollars but as a tourist its 20$.  So they buy my ticket and said your welcome to come with us.  I agreed but as we started to go into the cave the guard at the entrance was not having it that I am local.  SO he refused to let me in and said I need to pay full price for the ticket.  I go back pay the difference of the ticket and then we walk into this cave.  So apparently its the oldest salt mine in the world and the 2nd largest in

the salt mosque

the world as well.  It literally took us a good 20mins to even get into the main chamber of the mine.  We passed a little front desk then theres a salt made hospital inside for the workers.  After that there was a mosque built from salt and also a light tower as well.  It was really neat to see it and how smooth all the walls were for everyone touching them kinda look like moab utah.   I thought it was pretty awesome and I never been in anything like that so it was all a new experience for me.  After that I it was like 5 I had intention on going to a city about 2hrs away but the guys suggested that I stay at a hotel near by and eat with them.  SO I said fuck it I agreed we went to this first hotel near the mine but it was sold out so we head to another place further in town.  Now I have stayed at some very dodgy 10$ a night hotels in central america just cause it was to hot to camp.  So I came up on this place and instantly was sketched out.  (i very rarely feel uncomfortable but let me begin on what happened)  So i go in they said they had rooms so as I am sitting inside the lobby which is also the tables for the restaurant a lot of talking back and forth with the guy who invited me to stay the front desk guy and two other people and none of them looked happy ( but all fairness learned most pakistan people don’t smile much they just smirk).  They asked me what I would like to eat veggie or non veggie i go with non veggie this time for some reason.  I get this plate of chicken curry and the roti (there bread).  I eat up still nothing has happened I am still not checked in and they have my passport.  They tell me to park my bike inside the

my bike squished into the restaurant

hotel so I pull that in and sit back down and about that time 3 guys come in.  They take my passport fill a bunch of shit out take photos of the bunch of shit they just wrote and looked as though text it to someone.  I then am given there cell phone I talk to a guy on the phone who speaks clear ass english.  He asked me a bunch of question who took me there what am i doing how long all these stuff he said okay give it back to them.  I give it back to one of the guys they hang up he hands me my passport and they leave.  Now during this whole thing I must of drank two cups of tea they kept persisting I drink.  The guy at the hotel then says okay go to bed and kinda shush me away.  Now mind you its only 8pm so I am kinda tripped out by how he was pushing me off to bed so early.  I get to my room there is no door handle the light switch panel is dangling from the wall.  I close the door and use a little latch to

my room for the night

lock the room now I am in my room of course my mind is going crazy like what the fuck just happened down there what was in my tea so kinda tripped out.  But I am like fuck this i am going back downstairs to get a water.  I go down to get a water the guy finds me one tells me to set at a table. I sit down a few guys who were eating in the place come up to talk to me but surely leave in time.  I then am invited to sit at the table with the hotel restaurant guy and 3 others.   Now he starts to open up and talk to me says the guys that were here earlier were CNI (i think he said) which is like CIA from the united states.  So thats why i got asked all the question cause its rare for tourist to plan to stay in this area.  I drink my water and around 11 police truck pulls up and blocks off the entrance to the hotel and they tell me they close now its time for me to sleep I finally go to bed.  Now I am still a bit tripped out but somehow I manage to get some sleep.  Not sure how long I actually slept for but around 6am on DAY 56 I

me and the hotel restaurant owner

got a knock on my door I see its a guy outside in green with a gun.  I open it up he said okay lets go we guide you out of here.  So we go down they call the owner to open up the place he comes I get my bike out the door and I mentioned what do I owe you for the night and the food.  He tells me that my money is no good her its okay please no payment is needed.  I thank the guy for everything and I get on the bike and the police guide me out of the city  into the mountains.  After getting through the mins they pull over and say bye to me as I carry on past them.  I had intentions to go to this fort about a hour away but since I was already up so early of course it was closed and would not open for another two hours so I just take some photos from the road and keep moving.  I head to the lake and take the slow around the lake to enjoy the scenery and then carry on further south.  I rode for about ten hours that day before arriving to a town called Sultan which is consider a city of saints.  I go to 4 hotels 3 were sold out and one said they don’t have system for tourist to stay.  Finally arrive at the 5hotel and of course it had to be expensive one but at this point I was like fuck it Ill take the silly room.  Day 57 I was going to visit the city but I was over it and moved further south getting closer.  About half way into my trip I get to the end of the Punjab territory and cross into Sindh.  Once I get into Sindh the police stop me got me a cold water and said we will drive u into sindhi.  I strongly say I do not want to be driven mainly cause these fuckers go slow and don’t pass cars like i can.  Well they do not allow any sort of that and insist so I follow the guys for about a hour before they let me go on by myself.  I cruise along for about3 hrs and out of no where got super tired so I said fuck it I am making good time I am going to pull over and take a nap.  I find a large tree with shade about 45mins into my little nap i here sir sir hello sir.  I wake up to see two cops standing and say we suggest you stay in a hotel we can take you to one about 20mins away.  I say no I am up I can go now.  They then want to escort me as well but I tell them no over and over again.  Finally they allow me to carry on without them.  I head about 45 mins further before I enter a town were a guy on a scooter pulls up by my side and talks to me as we ride slowly through town.  He offers me tea so I agree so we stop in this town and I am instantly swarmed a police officer who passes by see this and park a bit away and comes walking back makes people back up to give me space.  I drink my tea and talk with the guy before the guy says maybe it was not smart to stop here i didn’t know he was drinking tea with a celebrity we laugh say our good byes and I move on.  I get about a hour from my hotel where I am

beautiful sunset over the bridge before arriving at my hotel

stopped again by police they suggest on escorting me again.  I mention over and over again no I don’t need.  They said its there honor to do so they will take no as a answer.  SO sure enough I am stuck following these guys for about a hour before they show me my hotel I planned on staying at for the night.  When I check in the guy says you want beer.  I said well fuck sure I know its not legal here so why not.  He gets me two beers for 6 dollars I relax in my hotel and call it a night.  Day 58 I make the final leap to Karachi where I plan on shipping my bike out.  The night before I actually pre planned my hotel so I am about to leave the hotel but yet again not allowed to leave till the police come and show me out.  They drive me out but this time about 30-40mins another police car is not he side of the road so one stops and the next one hops in and drives.  This went on for about4-5hrs going painfully slow for the most part before I just said fuck it when the next guy pools out I am going to pretend I didn’t see him and just go fast and that I did but then somehow they would catch up and show me the way again.  About 2-3 outside of karachi they drop off for good and I get into my hotel but about 5mins from my hotel i rear end a tuk tuk but if was not for my ABSI probably would of kept the bike up but unfortunately the shaking from the ABS had my feet all over the place and down Bernard went right in the middle of the city.  Again on a downward slant to make it hard for me to get it up.  I give it a first attempt and nope no go can’t get bernard up before I make the second attempt a guy who is hobbling around one one leg bends over to try and help and not sure if he really helped or not but we got the bike up.  As I pull off I am thinking to myself wait that guy was only standing up really on one leg not putting any pressure on the other and he freaking went out of his way to help me lift my bike up.  I felt bad that I didn’t make the connection sooner but I was in the middle of city madness so I was trying to get up and out of the way.  I finally get to my hotel were I unload the bags off the bike for sorting through cause hopefully the bike gets shipped out at the end of the week.  Day 59 It is a weds so I go around do shipping companies to get quotes to get this thing set out.  After a painful day of waiting around for prices I receive nothing but I have the number for Muneeb who I met and hung out with in Islamabad who lived here in karachi so I contacted him to see if he randomly knew anyone that is in logistic (shipping) He gets me in contact with one of his co workers who does this on the side.  I get him all the info and said give him till fri to get a price.  Well there went that idea of getting the bike shipped out by fri.  So weds Day 60 and thurs Day 61  I spent all day in my hotel dealing with shipping questions mainly cause I needed wifi.  So Day 62 fri comes I get a price I agree with so I am excited they say it could be dropped off monday.  I contact Muneeb that day to see if I could take him out for dinner for helping me and also he is the one who help pay for my dinner up in Islamabad.  He said thats not a issue but come over around 8 because we can have a drink at his house and to a party that night.  So I arrive at 8 to his beautiful house meet his wife we have 2 beers before he said would you like to come to the party.  I said well yeah of course I have nothing better to do so I accept the invite and hop in there car.  We end up pulling up and parking outside this mansion.  Walk inside with this

Muneeb to my left his wife to my right and other friends that i end up meeting

huge yard that looked like something you see in vegas. with tables with ac fans blowing on them a bunch of high top in the middle lights music stage the whole deal.  I am told he is some sort of political.  I meet this one guy not to long into the party names Zair who is tattooed side of his head and everything.  He says he owns a barber saloon and brings tattoo artist in to work would I be interested I said yes get his number and said Ill text him tomorrow.  The night comes to about 3am and still the party is rolling but Muneeb and his wife are leaving so of course I come with.  They insist on me to stay at there house for the night that they have a guest room and I been drinking.  So of course I take them up on there offer and crash for the night.  Day 63 I get back to my hotel early in the am and get some more rest.  I lay around most of the day mainly cause I don’t want to spend money doing anything.  Around 5 I message Zair and he suggest about a party there going to tonight if I like to join them.  I said of course he said he will send a driver to pick me up around 9.  The

Zair to my right and friend

driver comes gets me and I head to his house.  We end up going to a fashion designers house party who just had a perfume release party in this another beautiful mansion.  Now these house party last night and tonight are surrounded by a bunch of huge ass mansions and they have music just blaring.  No idea how people don’t complain unless these places are all sound proof.  They have valet guys out front and everything to park peoples car in the streets.  After we leave that house we end back up at Zair beautiful house where they two offer for me to stay the night in there guest room. So thats what I do even though tonight I didn’t even have my bike. Day 64 comes and they said were going to head to a pool if I would like to join.  I of course agree so they get me a pair of spare shorts and some clothes to change in after because after there is two parties we will go to.  So we head to the pool for a few hours and around 6 Zair wife comes with there driver we change into street clothes and load up in there suv and head over to the first party.  Its this girls bday so we enjoy our time on this amazing rooftop on there house that had nothing around so had view for miles.  We stayed for a few hours then we went to Zair friends house where just him and I got dropped off the driver took his wife home.  It was Zair high

Zair friend guitar collection

school friends so it was cool to just hang out and see how close all these guys are. They made these amazing burgers and we just hung out outside for awhile then said about going in the basement to listen to music.  When got down there this guy had this insane collection of guitars in his house and a little sound studio set up we watch music videos on youtube the guys talked shit to each other and around 4am I think it was we got picked up by his driver and I again crashed at there house for the night.  Day 65 monday I leave there house in the am to head back to my hotel to make sure all my shit is still there haha.  I get back and like expected it was all there I get in touch with the guy who is supposed to pick up my papers for my bike to get it shipped out.  He sends a guy to pick up the papers around 3 and i just call it a night.  Day 66 I go to Muneeb office where his co worker is that is helping me ship my bike out around ten am.  I am then struck with news I did not want to hear.  Apparently it could take up to a week to ship my bike out cause it has to be taken to the drug force to get it looked at then crated then checked out by customs.  Well this really does not work in my favor cause I only have two weeks before I go on a trip to mexico with my family.  Another option was just to leave it in pakistan and come back when I get my visa for iran.  I actually liked that idea a lot so I contacted Zair to see if it was a possible to leave my bike at someone he knew house. (mainly cause everyone he seem to know had a mansion)  He said yeah no problem come to my salon and my driver will show you were you can leave your bike and you can check to see if it is okay with you.  Before I left Muneeb wanted me to do a small shoot for his company Bykea that he runs.  Of course it was the least I could do so they interviewed me and took some photos outside of the building.  Afterwards I head to his salon which was fucking beautiful.  i have not been in many barbershops but this place had everything. Massage laser treatment showers even so you could get your hair cut shower and then get styled to go out.  Well the driver comes and says would I like to get my bike washed before I park and I should have it sprayed with coconut oil to prevent rust.  So we take it to a car wash place they wash bernard up nicely then we park it outside where they use a air gun a bottle of coconut oil turn the oil upside down so it drips and spray the air gun so it then in return sprayed the bike.. It was fucking brilliant I really could not believe it.  After this we drop the bike off at Zair friends house and I am taken back to salon.  When I get in they say you want a cut shave massage dye.  I was like fuck it sure why not I am going to go the Preakness in a few days

getting all done up at Zair Salon

might as well look presentable ha.  So they dye my hair black got my hair cut and shaved and my facial hair trimmed. After it all said and done they mention to me if I would like to to go get my stuff out of my hotel and come to there place and tonight we have some beers at there house before i leave in the morning.  So thats exactly what I did i grabbed a uber to take me back to my hotel checked out grabbed my stuff and went back to there house.  I try to pay for my hair cut and what not but typical they would not accept my money.  They then orders a shit load of food for my last meal which of course they did not accept money.  We drank beer hung out watch music videos on youtube and soon enough it was 230 am which is time for me to get ready to leave.  Zair gets his driver to take me to the airport so I load the one bag I am bringing back to the USA thrown in and I hid money under a tissue box for everything they did for me.  I say good byes to them all and tell them I will be back end of oct.  As soon as we leave I text them to let them know there is money under there tissue box in the spare room.  He said it will be in my bike when I get back that he can’t accept it.  I get to the airport around 315 am bored my flight at 5 and unfortunately have to say good bye to the amazing pakistan and the over top insanely nicest hospitable giving caring humans I have ever met in my life but I will be back and honestly can’t wait.

All Cleaned up Sprayed down where Bernards resting place will be for the next few months

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