March 18, 2018

Willis is struck again with bad luck and I swear these Animals are tyring to kills us

A photo of Bernard with the back side of Buddha and the Mekong River int he distance

Day 6 now on the road Willis and I wake up in Paske Laos. Finally feels the stress is truly off our shoulders now that were at of Cambodia. We did a little research the night before to do some nature seeing but first off I heard about the Buddha near by.  Once we pack our shit up from the hotel and load our bikes back up we head back across the Mekong to this statue. That we can instantly see right away.  We follow across the bridge than up this windy hill.  Now this is really the first turns we have experienced on this trip so far.  Most of the roads are completely straight with just bends so to me it felt good to be able to dive in and out of some turns as we climb to the top of this mountain.  I am not sure how high we are up this mountain but it was a absolutely beautiful view from the top over looking the little city of Paske and the Mekong River.  There was one giant buddha an then hundreds of little buddhas.  It was amazing to hang out up there for awhile and relax even though we just woke up like a hour ago.  After that we went off the wrong direction we need to be heading to chase some waterfalls that we googled the night before.  About 20 miles down the road and there is a half ass sign that suggests a waterfall.  We turn down this gravel road and head down hill to this amazing resort.  Low and behold we did arrive at the right place were we were charge 50 cents  for entrance.  I suggested to grab some MRE that we packed for the trip and bring them down to the waterfall where we can eat lunch.  As we head down some steep steps we arrive to this amazing waterfall with out a single soul in site.  We take some

Some reason love waterfalls so this is the first of the trip and I am sure many more to come

photos Willis flew his drone around to capture some videos and then we head down to the other water fall.  We decided to sit on the edge of the fall that no water is running over and eat there.  At this moment it started to drizzle a bit.  Willis suggested should we head up and I agreed we got the photos lets head up mainly cause out helmet and jackets are just laying on the bikes so if it does rain hard they will be soaked.  About half way up it started to let loose so we scrambled to the top where we grabbed our gear and head under the little over hang the resort had with tables.  We sat that there ate our MRE and watch it pour down.  After about a hour  when the rain slowed down a bit we decided to say fuck it and grabbed our bikes and head out of the valley.  In about 5 minutes of getting back onto the main road it was completely dry and dusty like it literally just rained down in there.  SO now we are wet and covered in dust looking all sorts of silly but what do we care we start making our way north.  After about 2 hrs of riding I look in my mirrors and see no Willis I stop still nothing and of course today for some reason we didnt charge out headsets so there both dead.  I decided to turn around an there he is stopped with a completely flat tire.  I grab my kit out of my bike we plug the hole in no time.  So rewind a bit my last trip to south america i had forge tires that means completely cast out of just metal with no spokes. A lot of these “adventure” guys say there stupid cause the wheels could literally just break but these wheels are tubeless so when

Another gas station doing repairs this time in Laos with some Moo Moo passing by

you get a flat you just shove shit in the hole fill her up and off you go.  The wheels I have now are spoked wheels I didnt buy them they just came on the bike but these tires to are tubeless tires.  So im not that fucking stupid but if the tire says tubeless that means no god damn tube.  I am not sure who works for BMW but there must be one completely damaged brain there to put such thing as tubeless tires on a bike when in fact you need a fucking TUBE..  This is my first time dealing with this shit so I thought u could just shove the same old shit in the hole fill up and carry on. NOT THE CASE since there is a complete dick wad who thinks you need a tubeless tires on a tube wheel it confused me because when filling the same wheel with air you can clearly hear that air is being blown right out of the spokes.  Needless to say it was another 3-4hr ordeal at different gas station in a different country till we both manage to change a tube in the rear wheel.  We manage right after sunset so the next 2-3hrs of riding where going to be in the dark.    Now after the tire or deal everything u can name that day came to take us out.  Willis manage to clip a little pig in the road earlier in the day and almost killed a dog I almost got wacked by a truck with skid loader on the back of it as it was over taken a car on a blind turn and my best animal friend the goat tried to take me out as well.  But none the less we are cruising blindly at 60- 70mph on these no light roads in and out of towns to get to our destination.  Cars with no lights scooters with no lights vehicles broken down and kids just walking like its broad day light with no flashlight  I thought willis was okay with it but when we arrived in Thakhek Laos he told me of his disapproval haha.  We grabbed another hotel for 16 so 8$ each and called it a early night cause it was along stressful one.  Day 7 was mellow we got up early since we didnt even eat the night before and got on the road by 10am with a easy 5hr drive to the capital city of Vientiane Laos.  We cruised pretty smooth with the avg of 60mph my gps said stopping once at a gas station for ice cream water and  beer and once at and buddhist temple on the side of a hill.   Got to Vientane around 4 checked into out hotel ate some food and relax in a hotel room that had AC in this 99.6 degree weather with 98% humidity.  When the night hit around 7pm it cooled down dramatically so Willis and I hit the streets to do some walking along the Mekong River around 8.  Outside our hotel literally change from the day to night where nothing was on the river walk to it being packed with all these little bbq restaurants pop up cooking fish meet and veggies right there.  Most of them had a little band playing and if they did not have a band they at least had some music playing for you.  We walked down furthere where it all of a sudden turned into something else.  It was a night market where people were selling all sorts of things mostly being clothes and electronics but there was a few with jewelry art amonth others.  Willis and I took a photo of a statue we know nothing about as people were buying flowers and praying at the feet of it.  Moved on a little further where everyone was hanging out drinkin at these little beer stand.  We had a liter of beer and decided to work our way back to the hotel where I saw a street that was nothing but containers that were bars all side by side.  We

Amazing first night out in the captial to see some awesome guitarist kill it

did not manage to find that street but came up on a little gem called WINd WEST.  Once we got inside we were instantly impressed it was called guitar hero night.  Literally all sorts of guys just killing it on a guitar.  I was amazed by it cause not one person in there was okay.  Im no guitar judge but I was blown away by all of the skill there.  After that gave away the price to the two finalist the place emptied out as we did.  We got back to our hotel around midnight to crash out for the night.  Day 8 Willis has been wanting to put his new shoes on his motorcycle and the swiss guy we met in siem reap suggested of a place here in Vientiane where the owner actually spoked english to and ironically it was only a mile away from our hotel.  Around 10am we head on over there the owner said no problem we will do it right now.  I also ask for tubes for the bike you know since some dick wad german make u run tubeless tires on a wheel that you need a fucking tube for.  Well ironically he had them as well right there in stock for only 20$ for a front and rear.  I havent bought bmx tubes in a while but if i remember correctly my bmx tubes were around 4 dollars a tube.  I would think that they definitely be a lot more expensive now.  Anyways with in 40 mins willis had new shoes on both the front and back of the bike.  Mind you a few

the amazing buddha park outside of the city Vientiane

days ago it took us 3-4hrs to do it on the side of the street and no this guy didnt have any different tools that we did he obviously just knows how to change a tire way better than us haha.  After the new shoes we cruised around the city to do some sight seeing where we visit a monument in the center and then made it to a buddha temple. Day 9 we woke up fairly early checked out of the hotel and went straight to the buddha park about 30 mins away from the city.  This place was absolutely a must see words cant really express how amazing it was.  We hung out there for a good hour or so but we needed to get on the road and head north.  Without any issues and finally some windy roads we arrived to the small little town of Vang Vieng.  Instantly were shocked on the beauty of this little town with some huge mountains

Arrived at our Hostel to catch this amazing sunset in Vang Vieng

surrounding the town.  I feel as though nature photos will never do any sort of justice I know personally for me they dont but being in the minute is something else.  We got in before sunset so we just grabbed dinner and wait for 8 o clock to come around because our hostel offers free whiskey for two hours.  So we grab the two hours of free whiskey yes literally the whole two hours as soon as the bottle was empty they grab a new one.  After all that we still end up calling it a early night around 12. Day 10 we were setting out to check out some caves and Lagoons.   Grabbed the bikes and set out 30 mins away for the first lagoon.  When we arrived we were the only ones there so we went into the cave near by but unfortunately we were not thinking in advance cause we had no lights to see.  So after we ran into complete darkeness we  decided well okay lets go back out.  Once we got back out we enjoyed the lagoon.  There was a little cliff jump about 20ft high that we threw ourselves off of and then relaxed in inner tubes for awhile.  After a hour or so we decided well lets hit up another one.  Now we

I could definitely stay right here for a few days.

kinda gave up on the cave thing because yeah no head lamps to see inside them.  So we went to the next lagoon.  The next one was kinda lame there was a ton of touris there and had man mad place to jump and what not.  Willis and I took a look and said eh fuck it next.  The third one we arrived to was just as amazing.  It did have a bunch of tourist but it did have bungalows over the water.  We ordered some beers and then sat there relaxin and talking it all in.  After the first beer was down we got up grab the bikes and started making our way back to the city. Day 11 had us back on the bikes to go see another lagoon and a water cave about 30 mins north of Vang Vieng.  We arrived to this tiny ass bridge that swayed when cars were driving across

crazy ass narrow bridge. yeah we have motorcycles but there about as wide is this

it and the cars themself barely even fit.  We hit some dirt roads and wind through the country side for a good while before we arrive another amazing lagoon way back against the mountain.  This lagoon also had a zip line as well as a plat form to jump off of.  Willis and I entertained ourselves for awhile with the obstacles dried up a bit and then ventured on.  Not to far away there was a water cave.  We arrived where there were those infamous chinese pushing and shoving around.  We decided to grab some lunch in hopes they would soon be leaving or at least get out of the cave.  After lunch that cost 3$ with a large beer we paid our fee and then dove into the cave.  We were not so lucky to avoid the large crowd at first but when you get so

deep inside the water cave with pure darkness and not a single sound from the ouside world

far into the cave you have a option to go a different direction.  So that we did we went to we could not hear a single soul then finally hitting a end.  Well not officially a end there was just rope to guide you through as you cave but that came to a end.  So we then made our way back till we hear obnoxious people again.  We got back out of the cave and relax and dried off before heading back into town.  Day 12 we got back on the bikes and headed for our next destination Vang Vieng which was about 3hrs north.  We had a late start in the day but after finally hitting some elevation where the temperatures dropped 20 degrees to a point where I was actually cold for the first time outside during this whole trip.  The views again were just jaw dropping the roads were fairly good but for some reason had several parts as we climb a 15% grade uphill there was huge dirt and rock sections.  Either way we got through it all safe and arrived in Luang Prabang around 6 at night.

thankfully we got through the mountains with ease but little samples of this shows how things can go from good to bad real fast

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