July 15, 2019


JULY 3rd.  The morning of July 3rd I have a 11hr drive to get to Veivro Spain to meet up with my buddy David from Los Angeles.  Every year him and I go to a different festival in europe and this year it was Resurrection fest in spain.  David was flying in that day and landed at 5pm and had a hour and half drive to to the festival grounds from the airport so I wanted to make sure I was there in time so he was not waiting on me.  I ended up heading out of Andorra yet again early as hell and made my way further west.  Like I mentioned Andorra is so tiny so it was only 15mins before I was out of Andorra and into Spain. So on the gas I was I actually made the 10hr and 50min drive in 9hrs and 20min and that include stopping three times to fill up and one of those times to grub down a gas station ham and cheese sandwich.  Now this was not just me buzzing by people all these fuckers fly here so i just rode with the pack.  The crazy thing so far about europeans speed cameras is my gps tells me there is one in the area and also the damn country tells you there is one coming up you just don’t know where but then you see this neon green fucking box with a speed limit sign on it and its like o theres the damn camera.  Either way majority of the time no one really slowed down and i have a foreign license plate so fuck it.  Anyways get there david arrives shortly later and off we are for the warm up party of the festival. Technically the day of the fest

Resurrection Fest 13th Anniversary

started July4th and its not hard to wake up when theres a bunch of metal heads partying right outside your hotel balcony. So we were up and ready to go.  Now there is this one area of the fest where they have chairs made out of crates and then behind it there is a huge pop up tent.  David and I sit down on these crates across from another couple.  It started raining so we went to the pop up but I told david to put the pillows vertical so it does not get as wet and the guy across from us was like good idea.  We go under the pop up and start talking to this guy here he is from Pamplona (where david i and bunch of my friends are all going next)  So

our new friends from pamplona

we exchange numbers and talked about meeting up tomorrow. Day 2 of the fest we go to the same area and there they are we hang out with them talking an laughing all day we also meet some swedish people that day that were completely smashed that hung out with us all day well. Day 2 was SLAYERS final show ever in spain so it was a huge turn out and a great day over all.  Day 3 was probably the least fav for most but a great band called NASTY was playing so i was pumped.  We met up with the couple from pamplona and the sweeds once again. Now the couple was leaving half through the day after a spanish folk metal band played.  David and I watched nasty set and a little bit of the headline band which was King Diamond and then headed back early cause we knew we had to drive

the masses

the next day. July 7 my boy Justus Willis Liz and Keith and his wife Mer Mer were all flying into Pamplona.  So I booked the place so we needed to get there before them so David (who has a rental car) and I were on the road by noon to beat them there by 5. Luckily or unluckily there flight was delayed cause we did not arrive till 7 cause my chain on my bike was acting up.  Got checked in David returned his rental car and we just waited for the rest of the group who actually did not get in till 11.  Well by midnight we were out on the streets to party it up for the San Fermin festival.  July 8th I had to do laundry bad so i mentioned to the group if it

FINALLY EVERYONE IS HERE so were going to CLOSE this place down

is okay ill throw my stuff in the laundry and we just have some drinks at a bar across the street.  Well my laundry got done but we never left that bar so around 5 that day my boy Adam and his girl Trina got in. I let them into the apartment to freshen up and get ready to meet us back at the bar.  At this time it was raining pretty good so that why noon us were leaving so we played music on youtube and probably made that bars night. July 9 was a few of the guys last night in town so that means we had to be semi good cause we are running with the bulls at 8am.  My suggestion was lets go to the firework show at 11 and right after get some few

LIFE OR DEATH were going to do some jogging

hour shut eye.  So that is what we did. July 10th the big day my 4th running of the bulls Keiths 2nd and the rest of the guys first time.  The girls were not taking part.  We wake up at 6 i believe get our gear on and head into the streets and get inside the fence.  We all line up where I always have and waited for that damn gunshot to off at 8am and like clockwork cause they do it everyday

the course ahead and my sitcker

for ten days its not delayed a second.  Some people get to moved and think the bulls just ran 2mins in one second and already are heading into the arena.  I do not even move a foot till i hear those infamous cow bells and let me tell you the when u hear those damn cow bells there is hundreds of people sprinting for there life.  I finally spot a cow and thats when i start hoofing it now at this time people are all over the place some already on the ground some are jumping over the fence tucking tight to the walls cause those bulls are inches from us. I said the past two running I am not running till I put my hand on a bull as i go into the arena and i was luckily enough to be able to do that as your literally hurdling people trying not to fall.  it is the most intense thing i ever did in my damn life and honestly love every second of it.  (side not its not just the bulls you worry about its all the people as well if u were just running by yourself probably only be 1/10 as crazy the people are everywhere and most people fall cause there looking backwards and the person in front of them just fell.) Okay say yeah we all made it into the arena just fine well adam he fell but was still able to make it into the arena.  Now thats just the first part mind you.  Now there is thousand of people in the bull arena all the I’m going to kill you bulls are gone.  So now they realease younger bulls who maybe not as mad but is 10 times quicker. 

thats me eyeing up my competition

Not sure the length of each of the bulls but one comes in one comes back out think they release 5 well either way number two came out and some reason did not like my laker jersey so we eyed up he didn’t back down and up in the air i went and back on the ground i landed.  Yes i got bucked it was so exhilarating and went by so fast I was like please tell me someone got that on camera and sure enough a friend of Justus who was in the arena an running with us did have it but he was running away so its not the best but you can see me in the air.  Anyways that was all over we all high fives talked about how insane it was and grabbed a beer

we survived beer

by 9am.  We meet up with the girls at this bar where we said and sure enough liz who was in the stand but ironically at that time was filming and got the whole damn thing on camera.  We got back to the place Justus Liz Mer Mer Keith and Willis decided they were going to head out even earlier so they can spend the day in barcelona so we all said our good byes and off they went.  Now just left was David Adam Trina and I so i hit our from friend from resurrection fest and we all decide to meet up and hang out for our last night.  so the party continued with them and during the day we met another trio of people who were from the states cause they were sitting behind us at this bar outside and became friends with them so they join in with us for the rest of the day.  we all watched the fireworks together adam and trina headed back the trio left and there it stood david our boy and i  So now we decided

our boy for our last night

what to do .  Now he is a local so i said lets go to some metal bars and then the night carried on.  At our last bar of the night i use the pisser and as i open it to exit i pinch it between whatever was on the wall and the door come out like shit that hurt but then david is like dude your bleeding everywhere.  So somehow i split my middle finger wide open and it was just draining.  I was not really worried cause i was like dude we been drinking duh. but after 5 blood soaked napkins yeah maybe it is fucked.  We went

my bloody nub

back to our place a few beers later cause our boys wife was back home and sick from drinking so he had to go take care of her and it was like 3am at this time and david had to be at the airport at 9am.  We get back relax bullshit about the past week and how fun it all was. July 11th david says his good byes at 8am i past back out again and then trina and adam says there good byes at 10.  I do not got to leave till noon so I pass out for another hour.  Wake up at 11 get dress pack the bike everything is fine.  i get down to get the bike off its center stand and can’t.  I literally slip it almost a foot still no go and instantly not sure if i just exerted myself cause the week of drinking kicked in and i just puked every god damn where.  now i was supposed to ride 8 hrs but at this point i was not leaving this curb. Now no LIE I sat on the curb from noon till 530 just sucking down water and throwing it back up filling up my water again at the parks thing.  Not sure if it was cause i got flight time yesterday by the bull my finger still draining blood everywhere or the alcohol probably all three.  I knew I could not ride anywhere but I also knew i cant afford to pay to stay in this town if there is even something available.  So I had to go and on top of it the hotel was charge me 35 euro cause my damn finger bled all over the bed sheets.  So I find a hotel 40 mins away for 48 euro good reviews and has air condition so I’m like fuck it.  I felt semi fine on the bike think cause the air but as soon as i parked that damn thing it came back out again.  I check in walked up one story steps and theres more to be had again. I turn the damn that damn AC on full blast take a nap wake up at 9pm feeling better grab some sparkling lemonade chug it (some reason always works) grab some chicken nuggets grab another sparkling lemonade and passed the fuck out.

over view of the arena – thanks mer or liz whoever took this

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