The Feel of Relief in beautiful Pakistan

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Day 49 got the hell out of india first thing in the morning.  The lady thats been helping me get my bike washed and oil changed

my going away cake

was there at the desk and gave me a little go away gift.  I was across the border and into pakistan by 8am and jesus christ was that refreshing.  Only 10 ft and all of a sudden there is actual green grass. Not much of it but there was some and it was not littered with a bunch of shit all over the ground.  I got my bike imported into pakistan got my passport stamp got money exchange and on my way to the city of Lahore.  I got into Lahore around 11 I believe because I literally was just slowly cruising with no care in the world knowing I did not have far to go and had already booked two nights at a hotel.  Got checked into this massive room on a quiet side street.  Got in showered and relax for a bit.  Around 2 I believe it was I asked about going to the food street they have but the front desk during the hot months they do not open it till dark.  So I figured fuck it I will just walk about.  I made my way out of the hotel down the street probably about 15 mins where a bunch of people were playing cricket outside in a parking

arrived in country #91

lot.  Shit could not remember ever really seeing people playing baseball these days back in the states in the streets or anywhere else like that.  As I pass these guys i see the infamous kfc not far away so I say fuck it i had enough asian food I’m going to go eat me a dead chicken.  When I go in a guy who just order started talking to me I place my order and before I get to understand how much she was asking the man I was just talking to paid for my meal.  I was trying my hardest to repay him for it but he had no parts in it said its what us pakistani people do.  I finally agreed to accept my meal as he took his food to go and I sat down in the restaurant by myself.  I finished up my foods and started my walk back to the hotel.  It was getting dark about this time and it did seem to get more lively.  On my way back I passed a small market that was selling the local get up.  I truly loved the way it looked and wanted to buy it so bad but was not sure if it was disrespectful or not.  I go back to my hotel I ask the front desk he says no its fine go buy.  So I head back out to the actual night bazaar not to far from the hotel.  I find a short cut through some completely black alley where i could not see a thing so I literally had to use my cell light.  Then all of a sudden boom there is the madness of the night

the night bazaar madness

bazaar.  I stroll the street till i find a shirt I like.  Think I was cruising up the street for probably a good 30 mins (probably only went like 10 blocks cause it was madness) before I found one I like went in and walked out within seconds of my purchase and started my journey back to the hotel.  Again I took the alley route but this time a dim store light was lit up at the corner so it lit maybe 1/4 of the my walk before I had to resort to my cell phone.  Finally arrived back at my hotel and place dress up in my new threads that I instantly knew I was going back tomorrow to buy another one.  Day 50 got up early to try and beat this heat here cause its still 109.  So up at 9 I try to get on the hop on hop off bus but i was told for tourist it does not start till noon. So front desk guy mentions I go to the fort because it starts there see that

Lahore Mosque

and then go get on the bus at noon.  So I do just that I take a tuktuk for 2 dollars to the fort.  Spend some time killing at the fort the mosque and the tomb again since its summer they don’t run the fountains because the water drys up so fast I was told.  So damn it kinda ruins the whole picturesque kinda shot.  O well I end up sucking down 4 bottles of water in the 2hr time frame before heading to the bus station around 1130.  The guy tells me it does not start there it starts near the stadiums.  So damn it I hop in a tuktuk once again and head the opposite direction to the stadiums.  I get off go to where I actually see the sightseeing bus go to buy my ticket the lady tells me o during the summer time they don’t start till 5 when it gets cooler.  SO FUCKK alright going back to the hotel to kill time.  I get back and then just say fuck it I’m not going back and then they tell me not even passengers its not going to be running.  So when the sun does go back down I go back to the bazaar and purchase me another local dress.  Day 51 I am up early and making my way north to the capital city of islamabad.  I get on the bike before traffic really starts and arrive in Islamabad

view of the largest mosque in pakistan

around one.  Get checked in relax showered and then figure out what the hell I am doing here.  So get on the inter web figure some shit out see there is a view point good for sunset.  I like sunsets (fuck sunrise) so around 5 I slowly make my way to the view point which is only 8miles away.  This city hands down probably has the nicest calm roads I have even been to in a capital city in my LIFE.  So easy no pushing and shoving every is just chill.  I get to the top of the hill park and my way to the viewing deck.  Take some photos and head back to my bike at this point in which there are a few young guys checking out Beamer Bernard.  They instantly talk to me in perfect english about my bike journey and all that.  (almost every country people are interested in it because its so big than the normal bikes in asia)  In the midst of

dinner with my new friends

the conversation they ask what am I up to I mentioned nothing so they invited me over to there house for some beers and asked if I smoke weed.  I declined the weed and even though I was not planning to drink till the end of my trip I said fuck it why not.  We get back to there place they get tea made and some small snack to try.  They all spoke english with me and with others the whole time which i don’t mind if they speak english cause hey its not there language but it just goes to show there generosity here and i most definitely really appreciated.  We were unable to get beers cause it was some holiday so they smoked weed and asked if I would like to join for dinner.  I didn’t want to keep bothering them so I said its okay Ill head back to my hotel.. They said no try some local pakistanian food so i would not disagree so I hop in there car and off we go.  The order everything so when the food came they said okay dip in and enjoy.  Grab some bread and go hands into the dish of beef.  Up to this point I pretty much been vegas for almost a month not really cause I give a shit about animals I just get tired of eating meat with bones int he food.  I like to shovel my food in not pick at it.  So it tasted so good they got two different orders of beef which both were exceptional.  Bill came and yet again they refused to take any sort of money  I thank them so much for really just everything invited me over to there home let me hang out and the dinner.   So when we got back to there house it was around 11 this time  again thank them I exchange numbers with two of the guys and I head back to my hotel for the night.  Day 51 I woke up later than usual and got out

Pak China Memorial

to make my way to some of the spots.  There is this pakistan and china memorial piece on the opposite hill from yesterday that over looks the city as well.  I make my way up there first get in take some photos and head to the museum they had there but was denied it was closed that day.  well fuck okay guess heading back down and over to the mosque.  Made it over the parkistans biggest mosque which might be the first mosque that I have seen that did not have the round bulb thing going on. I didn’t want to be disrespectful so I did not go inside and plus you were not allowed any photos on top anyways it said or your phone would be confiscated.  So I walked up viewed in strolled around and made my way out of there.  After that I went to grab a late lunch early dinner or deal near my hotel. Once again I order food the beef tikka I had the night before food comes out go to pay and was told no worries.  The manager comes out introduces himself and says my money is no good here that they are thankful that I came.  I talk with the manager for a bit before heading back to my hotel and wait to sunset.  Its started to get

the infamous mosque

dark so I wanted to head back to the mosque to see it all lit up and grab some photos.  Do a little photo shoot with bernard and callout a early night. Day 52 so the guys I met two days before mapped out a journey for me to take up north into kashmir pakistan and suggested thats where I could go camping. When I woke up I realized it was raining so I didn’t rush out the door first thing.  So I grabbed breakfast n got ready and by the time I was about to hit the road the rain stopped.  It was a easy ride out of the city of Islamabad then I had to jump on a side road where I got the tiny village traffic.  Finally got towards the base of the mountain where I was stopped at a police check point and next thing I know I was sitting there talking and drinking tea with them.  About a hour passed and I got back on the bike  but they informed me that the village I was gong to go to is closed cause of snow fall and they suggested a village further south for the night called naran.  I started my journey to Naran now almost every little town I have passed in Pakistan has fresh fruits stands so I thought when I get close enough about 60 miles away I would stop and pick up some fruit for camping.  So eventually that time came I pulled over to pick up some fruit. Got half a kilo of peaches and half a kilo of oranges that he mentioned would be 250 rupees so like 2$ but suggested I stay and relax and eat something and drink tea.  Of course I did just that I sat down they asked what I would like to eat veg or non veg.  Like I mentioned before I been eating veg cause I hate eating food with bones in them so veg it was.  I ate my meal and then asked to pay for my fruit and food.  The guy suggested no it was a pleasure to have you we take no money.  I had no idea what the plate cost me but I did know how much the fruit was so I insisted on giving him 500 he said no no to much please go now.  Okay that I did I thank him over and over again as he said no worries and shushed me across the road over to my motorcycle.  Now the first

the pass through the avalanche

two meals I got just randomly thought they were kind gestures but it seems as though this pakistani hospitality is a real thing and they will not accept any money what so ever.  I made my way finally to Naran but first passing through a huge avalanche that was just cleared where the road was.  I literally drove through this thing for about 5 mins not extremely fast cause I was amazed by it but it must of been at least 20ft tall.  At this point it was getting damn cold as well. I looked down at my gps I was 8000 some feet in elevation and it started to drizzle so I finally got to break out my heated riding gloves.  This is first time I rode with them and damn there a bit bulky but fucking hell do they feel good on the hands.  I finally made it into the center of town where the rain picked up dramatically so I said to myself well no camping tonight.  I asked the first hotel cost it was 2000 so like 16$ so I said hot water he said yeah okay I take it.  Got checked into the room and the infamous question came about do I want tea.  Yes i definitely insisted as I was still cold.  The bike suggested it was 38 degrees so hot tea in my system sounded amazing.  He brought me hot tea and i grabbed some snack at the convince store next door.  Wanted to try a hot shower out but of course there was no actual hot water the water was fucking ice coming out of the shower and no heater so I piled on my layers and curled up the blankets for the night.

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